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I visit a few forums, but hope to be spending most of my time on this one from now on. But the one thing I like on some other forums is that I can simply set a bookmark for the most recent posts. On this forum it would be the New Posts link. But when I set it as a bookmark it only works for a while, but it seems to time out??? After about 1/2 day it doesn't work anymore. Any way to change that so I can just pull up all the new posts in chronological sequence?


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That would be nice if possible. I'd gotten in the habit "over there" of simply looking at all posts within a certain time period; i.e., the last 6 hours. That way I don't miss a good post just because it is in an area that I may not check.

Dang Bob, beat me to it again! :boobies: Here watch this for while while I catch up.


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I use the New Posts button as my primary navigation on the site. After getting here with a bookmark (I have it in my links toolbar), I click New Posts first. Then, I work off that page. If all I'm doing is reading, I use the Back button to get back to the list of New Posts. If some time goes by, I click New Posts again to get back to it and refresh the view. If I read a PM or send a PM or write a post to a thread, I just click New Posts to get back again, instead of going through lots of Back clicks or a menu hierarchy. Almost anywhere on the site, all I have to do is scroll up and hit the New Posts link.

It would be somewhat handy to bookmark the New Posts, but it only saves one mouse click.


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As long as I'm being anal about forum navigation, this tip works for me. Your mileage may vary, which is why there are options.

What I like is having the newest message display at the top of the thread as soon as I enter the thread. I set my display mode to Linear, Newest First. Then, I may have to scroll down a couple of messages to see where I last read, but I don't have to scroll through the whole thing to the end. Clicking on "Last Post" does the same thing as it does in the other modes, except that one has to scroll down a couple instead of scrolling up a couple to see if you missed anything.


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To go one more step (Mith showed me this one last week).
To avoiding having to scroll down to find the first unread reply, in the Thread index, just to the left of the thread title is a blue box with what looks like a V in it.
Click on that and it'll position you to the first un-read post in the thread.



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Thanks BCzoom for helping out with this. Off hand I could not have answered Bob's question, but what you posted looks like it should work. I'll bump up your rep a bit.

I do more like OkeeDon and Dargo and use the new posts link. I suppose you guys have noticed you can click on the picture at the top of the page to see all Forums, and at the bottom you can see who's online (if their not hidden). You can also see how many folks are online at the time, and the most ever online. Currently 43 is the most ever. We came close to beating that last night after JR's post of finding where Junk's hanging out. But those guests didn't stay long.

Also, THANKS Bob. We're proud to be your numero uno site!!! :D