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Burnt Meadow Mountain Preservation

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Wanted to share this really cool project I am helping the Brownfield Snowmobile Association non profit to preserve a lost ski area for future generations.

The area is located in Brownfield, Maine and has some amazing history.

This will be a recreation are that will support all things Sno with many other visions that will come together over the next 3-5 years.

Snowcat club and ample areas to recreate is in the works. Going to be looking for your donations and support!

Will update this thread as things progress!

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Blackfoot Tucker

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Very, very Cool!

I learned to ski at a small ski area in Vermont, Mt Ascutney, which is no longer in business. My Dad didn't ski, but my Mom and older sister did. My Mom would buy season passes and the first two cost $60/year and mine, being the third was $35. (Yes, that means I'm not a spring chicken.) I have very happy memories of skiing at Mt Ascutney....

Skiing has obviously changed greatly over the decades since those days, but in some ways not for the better. Living in Park City, Utah I have some very nice resorts close by. But the ticket prices are (pick one, or more) "ridiculous", "absurd", "egregious", "obscene". You get then idea. A one day weekend ticket at Deer Valley is $269. No thanks...

So the concept of bringing back to life a small family area is awesome. I wish you great success and joy in the project.

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The Brownfield historical society building is snowed in until spring. The New England Ski Museum archives should contain some info and pics once I can get on their.

Goal is to put the lodge and area back like it was.

This patch was made by a local woman and I think quite fitting to support the cause and thanking the donors. Just need to add the website.


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Kitten will be making some exhibition events.

I have the original Valley Engineering Powder Maker from Burnt Meadow which is mostly restored. Totally unrelated but now connected how I ended up with it about 10 years ago.Picked up another one to make it perfect before it returns home.

Have other vintage implements as well which will go to the mountain. Plan is to host a few vintage ski hill grooming demonstrations each year.

The snowmobile system is impressive but it’s off the main corridors in the border towns. This will make it a destination and reason to draw in people for enjoyment and support.

The area gets many hikers and backcountry skiers now. Looking to lean on all avenues to make this work.

The area was 70/80’s so not super old equipment. Still researching what groomer they had.

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Starting to collect the pieces for the vision as I build out the website.

Thiokol 2100 is the go to workhorse and this is the third in the fleet for the club. Keep your eyes out for machines, parts, attachments.

Also got the bones of a rope tow that will be resurrected.

Big thanks to Ski Bradford for the support!



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Start thinking winter! I am excited to announce that this project is moving forward for 2023 and beyond.

We are setup to take donations and looking for support to move Phase I forward. More information can be found here: https://burntmeadow.org/burnt-meadow-mtn-project

Huge Thanks to the Granite Backcountry Alliance for partnering with us on this project. We are scheduled to have the glades cut back October 14-15 and will be open for winter recreation this season! (Send snow)! If you in the area come by and check it out.

Learn more about the GBA here:https://granitebackcountryalliance.org/

More winter events and fundraising scheduled including sno(w)cat and vintage snowmobile events. We need all the help we can get please spread the word east west north south!


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Amazing day and team of volunteers that showed up to support this project. This was and impressive army of glade-iators. Orange represents the original trails the were cut back.

Huge thanks to the Granite Backcountry Alliance, Burnt Meadow Sno Club, and the Brownfield, Maine community for the syngery that came together today.
Had about 80 people show up today and cut back 4 of the original trails by hand and with forestry best practices. Just add Sno and off we go!

Tell your friends share us and we appreciate any dollars…


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Crew back on the mountain tomorrow cutting more trail. Working on a sno mo reroute to get off one of the ski trails.

Place is shaping up for winter. Check it out if you’re in the area and spread the word….
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First tried to ski on a little hill like that just outside of Truckee Ca going toward Squaw Valley. One of my first Boy Scout outings. Thirty years later we hired a finish carpenter to work on our house project and soon learned he was the manager of "Hilltop Lodge" when I was there. Best adviser, carpenter and friend we ever had.

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Another great day of revitalization. We are all synced up on the sno mo, sno cat, and sno ski route which are separate but equal.

Found and began clearing the original rope tow pads. We will be creating an area for sledding, tubing, and beginner ski learning terrain.

Trails ready to ski top to bottom if your into the back country. Cat track gets us 3/4 way to t bar summit if skinning isn’t your thing.

Just add sno and let the awesome begin!

Big thanks to the volunteers, Granite Backcountry Alliance, and Burnt Meadow Sno Club.

Check us out:)


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What pray tell do you have strapped on your trailer?? 400 & 500 series motion makers? Or are the front ones on a pallet?