BUELL Motorcycles is back in production


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BUELL MOTORCYCLES has arisen from the ashes and is BACK IN PRODUCTION again. 10 new models promised by 2024.

Rotax powered and hand built in the USA

Personally I'd love to see 2 ADV Touring bikes come out of Buell. Something in the 700-850cc range that would be a nice mid weight (450# to 500#) light touring bike capable on gravel and light off road as well as eating up highway miles.

They already are planning a bigger 1.1 liter bike, possibly capable of real round the world travel and capable as a long distance highway tourer. Looks like the SUPER TOURING MODEL will be 1190cc bike, not sure about the weight, but I'd hope it would be below the big BMW GS models.

Here is a public domain press release from the reformed company:

Grand Rapids, MI – Buell Motorcycles is back in production in America. The new Buell® Motorcycles will launch 10 performance models by the 2024 model year. The exciting models will be representative of the superbike performance and handling expected of the legendary Buell brand. Exciting times ahead for fans of American Motorcycles.
“Buell is back!” said Bill Melvin, CEO. “We are excited to bring Buell back with this awesome assortment of superbikes and performance motorcycles. We start with the fastest American production motorcycles, hand built in the USA, so that’s a nice start! We’re building out those platforms for more touring & adventure models, then we’re expanding our displacements to be competitive with other global brands. The passionate Buell Nation can grow and thrive again.”
Buell Motorcycle upcoming models will include variants for dirt, dual-sport, touring, and cruisers while expanding the line up to include medium and small displacement motors. Buell is also in the initial exploration phases for a high-performance Electric model and is open to collaboration ideas with other companies. The models currently in production are built by hand in Grand Rapids, Michigan and based on the high-performance 1190 platform, known for the innovation of Fuel in Frame, Perimeter Brake Rotor, exceptional handling, and high horsepower.
“Buell is known as the American brand for high performance, innovation, & adventure. Fast is fun again on a Buell. We will continue and expand on that,” said Melvin. “We have already launched a dirt bike with Cipala Racing that won an AMA Championship and Buell will be dominating at NHRA this year. Follow us Facebook and Instagram where we’ll showcase passionate fans, new developments, as well as racers and riders having fun on a Buell. The future will be fast and fun on a Buell.”
EBR Motorcycles acquired the Buell brand in early 2020 and began developments to bring Buell back. Buell will be present at Daytona Bike Week 2021 at J&P Cycles Destination Daytona Mega Store. Visit the Buell booth for gear, to view current models, and learn about the developments of the fast and fun American Motorcycle brand.
Buell is back and racing to the future!
Email for Information: Info@BuellMotorcycle.com
Press: Please put “Press” in the subject line of your email request.


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3 current models plus the mock up of their new ADV/Touring bike called the SUPER TOURING

Many remember BUELL as being powered by HD engines, they were initially. The company was taken over by HD at one point but then languished and was shut down. Common complaints about the heavy weight and unreliable HD engines helped to kill the brand. Erik Buell reopened the company a EBR (Erik Buell Racing) using ROTAX engines. Both EBR and Buell Motorcycles assets and trademarks were purchased and combined, reopening in 2020 and now production has resumed, again using the light and powerful ROTAX engines.

More photos and news about production, dealers, etc ==> https://www.buellmotorcycle.com

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