Brought this home a couple weeks ago


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2004 SL500, 80,000 miles.
Mars Red outside, red leather inside.
Completely loaded.
Xenon, parktronic, distronic, massaging seats, climatized seats, heated steering wheel, power lumbar, keyless go, command, panorama retractable hardtop, 7speed auto, TPMS, ABC, Burl Ash wood.
Took a one-way Enterprise up to Wisconsin and drove it back.

I've replaced both batteries, installed a trunk lip in mars red, bought some really nice floor mats, changed the oil. Awaiting new set of plugs. The breather hoses are getting hard, so I ordered a complete set of those too.

I'll take more pix once it gets nice out again.


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At one time in my life, long ago, I had a 190 and my GF at the time had a 300.
Neither of those engines really even turned on until you hit about 65.


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OK, this red SL500 got me hooked.

I bought another SL, this time an SL600 with only 36,000 on the clock.
This is a V12 with 493hp and 650 torques stock from the factory. Black on Black. This one is getting flashed and will make 650 hp and 750 torque after the chip flash.


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That looks like real neat and nice! Reminds me of uncle's 2000 SL500 project back in the days. I'll be coming over this weekend to help him install the parts from 4Wheelonline onto his Wrangler. I'll see if he still got some photos of the SL500.


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I love this 12 cylinder bi-turbo car. Sometimes I start it twice just to hear 12 cylinders fire off. They say if the rear mufs are removed, it sounds just like any other 12 cylinder exotic. I don't want the constant drone. Maybe my kid can fab some pre-second-muf cutouts, just for when starting the thing up or when next to some C4,5,6,7 vette hat thinks he's all that.
3.6 seconds to 60mph. Verified. Ya baby!
Turn traction control off, drive constant 20 mph, punch it, and smoke the tires till you let off the gas. So much fun.