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Brian Laundrie


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From standing way back here, not know anything for sure, but taking a wild guess. Something went seriously wrong, someone murdered her, he escaped, and then later although he was trying to keep his mouth shut, hoping that if he did, they would let him live. But those people were nervous about all the pressure being put on him to talk, and that would wear him down, and he would start to sing, so they snuffed him out.

I'm not saying that is what happened, and have no proof, just a wild guess.


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The coward shot himself- death by single gunshot wound.

I followed this for a while and then just gave up. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

I guess he just offed himself on the shore and then the gators drug him into the pond and chowed down...ewww.


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That SOB sure cost a lot of money to find a worthless POS!! I also think his parents should be charged as accessories to murder but I doubt enough evidence can be found. I can only hope they live out their days knowing what they caused.
They get to live out their days knowing of the monster they raised.
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