BMW owner drives up to see the snow ...


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This is how we do it in California.

BMW SUV Slams Car On Icy Road - Watch more Funny Videos

Everybody drives up into the Sierras once in a while to look at the snow.

Many buy an SUV for this purpose alone.

Then coming back down the mountain after a day of skiing or sightseeing you always see SUV's way off the highway, spun into the bushes.

Yes, I've been passed by a BMW that I saw stuffed backward into a snowbank just a few minutes later. Darn fools! :biggrin:

(How the heck do I embed the video in this post?)


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Oops. I should have said just like the yahoos here.

I never listened to it, I just recognized the driving style as uncomfortably familiar.

Nearly 100% of those vehicles we see off in the bushes in the late afternoon are new SUV's - whose drivers have attitudes like this clown.


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Chris , I think it's fairly universal . A driver has AWD ,or 4 wheel drive and they become bullet proof . They soon learn about things like stopping and steering :yum: