Blade for 1543

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Looking to put a blade on my 1543. Does anyone have detailed info on what needs to be done to the turn table and surrounding components? Also must be a pump and reservoir change of some kind I would think. Any info would be helpful. Cheers!!

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Try and get in touch with this guy. Factory install and if you look close looks like it is hooked to the frame and not table or axle like others. Some supports on the frame drop down under front seat area. Rear must be upfront somewhere. I would think this is better than some of the shadetree ones that incorporate the table.

Bet Mr. Drifter knows a few things .

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That is the factory system and its attached to the turn table. There is a candle lever support on the back to offset the weight of the blade. Good system, I'd like some drawings if someone had them.

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I don't have time for a thorough and detailed reply. But I'll throw out a few issues for your consideration...

I'm not totally familiar with your Tucker's configuration, but I believe it has an Allison transmission, and a factory Warn winch. Honestly, I had never seen a factory blade installed on a machine also equipped with a front Warn winch until this thread with such a machine listed for sale:

Note how the winch mounting is different, putting the winch several inches higher. Part of the blade frame is also different from the standard Tucker six-way blade system.

On my Thundercat project we changed the engine and installed an Allison AT-545. On our installation the additional welded members for the blade interfered with the transmission pan. That required modifying the pan. I'm not sure if that would be required in your application or not.

Another part of the blade frame is different between 1500 and 1600 series machines. With the longer tracks, a 1600 series needs that frame portion to be longer than a 1500 series machine.

Lastly the six-way valve. What are you going to use?