Blackstone Just ENDED The Housing Market | URGENT

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Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust, more commonly known as BREIT, said 1 December in a letter posted to its website that it is limiting withdrawals from its flagship real estate investment trust. This is not a direct risk to the REIT itself but it means the entire housing market is headed to a massive crash. here is why.


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It will be a buyers market very soon. I fully expect a 10-20% drop in many areas. I’ve been saying this was coming. We’ve been watching its start over the past 60-90 days. But the real collapse is coming.
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I just sold my condo in Detroit. I priced it about 25,000 more than the most recent sale 30 days ago in the same complex, same condo Floorplan. Put it for sale the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. That day had two showings, one at 4 one at 530. Thanksgiving day, got a full price offer, and if course I accepted.
Maybe i times it just right?