Biden's performance at the CNN townhall was 'shameful'

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Joe Biden's inadequacies were on show during this week's CNN townhall, with the president forgetting when he received his COVID-19 vaccine and his shameful decision to excuse China's evil policies towards the Uyghurs and the people of Hong Kong, according to Sky News host James Morrow. US President Joe Biden took part in a town hall hosted by CNN this week, where he answered a number of questions from everyday voters. Non-partisan website found President Biden made numerous inaccurate claims during the event, including "confusing" comments regarding America's COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Mr Morrow said the town hall performance was notable for how many mistakes Mr Biden made, in particular when it comes to foreign policy. "I suppose when you elect a president beholden to the cultural relativism of the left, which sees America as the true great satan, and whose son has been implicated in dodgy deals worth millions with the Chinese Communist Party, well, that's what you get," Mr Morrow said.

Biden is doing a fine job of making his presidency and our nation a laughing stock before the world.
China is the only one not laughing at us. What does that tell you???
Not to mention Biden is a proven and continuous liar. He lies every time he opens his mouth.,


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No. No it was not.

It wasn’t good enough to be shameful. Was he even coherent?