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Biden now opts to build the wall . . .


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not too long ago . . . article telling how the already-bought-and-paid-for wall sections were being sold/auctioned off for scrap.
now . . .



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As the sanctuary cities, counties and states actually get over-run by illegal immigrants (not politically correct but totally accurate description) and the resources of these same, typically financially bankrupt jurisdictions, get pummeled by reality, Biden is finally getting an earful from members of his own party.

I did notice, that just this week, Chicago's new inept socialist Mayor, stated that all these people are "asylum" seekers . . . legally he is wrong, if I recall (and I admit I'm somewhat forgetful) the correct number of those who actually might qualify for legal asylum is something less than 10% of those who illegally entered the USA by avoiding legal border crossing areas.

Also worth noting, the public polls are opposing illegal immigration by a landslide.


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there is an international treaty - which all the involved parties/countries in North, Central and south America have signed.
it say asylum seekers must apply for asylum in the first country outside of their native country.

basically, they should all be in Mexico or Canada.
if not accepted for asylum, it says they must return to their own native country.

this whole thing is a total fraud never ever seen before in the western hemisphere.


They called us racist for wanting a wall...until the migrants invaded THEIR beloved cities, and then it became personal, so they now want the wall. You can't make this crap up.