Back in the game!


I used to co-own a Muskeg, but we sold it last summer and have been planning to scratch build a smaller machine in an aluminum tub with a Weasel diff.
That changed when we found a '73 Spryte in Utqiagvik.
It was running and driving until one of the belt splices pulled out, so I am hoping we won't have to do much to it. I do want to open up the rear and take a good look before we drive it.
We are going to fly it down to Anchorage so we have to pull the cab and tracks to fit it on the plane. It looks like that will be pretty straightforward.
I am pretty excited. Track rig fever is real.



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I remember seeing that kicking around Barrow good on you to save it
to bad you missed Bearing Marine Greata just came down from Prudho they get it south cheaper than flying it.
you going to have pic stuffing it in to NAC Freighter?


I think NAC is our only option now. They bought our Muskeg down when we bought it too.

This Spryte should be around 4000 pounds right? If so, we'll be into it for under $4k (purchase + transport!). As long as there are no surprises in the diff I think we got a good deal.


I am flying up on Monday to pull the cab and tracks. Is it safe to just bring my standard tools, or does it have any metric?