Australian Navy commissions $2B ship with ceremonial twerking?


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Seriously what the heck did I just see? I'm clearly too old to understand this, to rational to try to explain it, and dumber for having watched it. I can only imagine what the members of the audience at the ship's commissioning were thinking!


'Bizarre' video shows dancers twerking at the Commissioning of a new Australian Navy ship in Sydney​

A group of stunned officials didn't know where to look as a group of scantily clad dancers twerked toward them during celebrations to mark the official launch of a new $2billion navy ship.​
The commissioning of the HMAS Supply in Woolloomooloo, Sydney was attended by Navy top brass including chief Michael Joseph Noonan and the Governor-General David Hurley.​
Defence Force chief Angus Campbell was also part of the audience.​
But the risqué dance moves marking the ship's launch were not enjoyed by everyone.​
A Liberal MP slammed the decision to commission the unusual dance, and the choice of entertainment was met with bewilderment on social media.​

Video that is too unbelievable to comprehend is here -->