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I have had an AT&T GO phone along with another I had for my field supervisor since 2003 linked to my CC. My employee retired a couple months ago about the time the Wuhan flu came around. I had been trying to turn his service off for several months with no success because I do not have the phone in my hand, so they could send me a password even though my phone is on the same account paid with the same card. To make matter worse my CC company wouldn't block the charges because I linked it, even though its a pre paid service?? So I had no choice to dispute the charges to get it turned off. What happened then is they shut off my phone too. I have been trying to straighten it out for days but can't get anywhere. When you ask for a supervisor they put you on hold only to get dropped. So now they lose my phone, wifes phone and the house phone. In all a couple hundred $$ a month. After lunch I'm going to the Verizon store.


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I don't blame ya. Especially if Verizon also has a good signal where you are.

I also have had AT&T since 1997. At one point we had the kids on our plan but it's just been the wife and I for the past 8 years. In 2018 we were planning a cross country trip and I wanted to ensure we had the best possible coverage so I dropped my AT&T and kept the wife's phone on that plan. I moved to Verizon (I had bought an iPhone on ebay that was 'unlocked' so it could work with any carrier). I had no problem dropping my phone from the AT&T plan. At the time we were paying 44 per month per phone. Verizon had the same plan 3 gb for 44 per month.

So off we went from Ohio to Mt Rushmore, on to Yellowstone then to Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, LA then back through Utah to Colorado and I-70 back to Ohio. It shocked me that when we had one signal we also had the other. But there were plenty of areas with no signal for either carrier. So my experiment did not help our coverage at all. Verizon coverage at the house is not as strong as AT&T so I dropped Verison and move my phone back to AT&T. No problem.

Sorry you are having the issue with them. This should be a simple fix. Duh. Their loss.


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Verizon coverage at the house is not as strong as AT&T so I dropped Verizon and move my phone back to AT&T.
We don't get any signal at our house. We bought a Verizon phone modem which connects to your internet now we have very good service at home.


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i never had a cell phone and even turned down a cell tower that a company wanted to put up on my land. wished i could help but i don't know much about what your saying.