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I would like to know where used parts are obtainable in canada and what to look for when buying a used argo.
I am presently rebuilding 2 mid 80's machines , and looking for a few parts.

I rebuilt a mid 80's machine a few years ago.all new axles,bearings,chains,wheels ect.was a neat little toy but had no power with the 17 hp project was a 1996 conquest pumped about the same amount of parts into it but had to rebuild the engine.was a huge step up from the old I/C model.then 2 years ago I bought a 2012 hdi demo.boy what a difference.this thing is a cadilac compared to the other 2 advice to you is to stop pumping money into the older argos and get something newer.if you need some good info on those older machines or any argo for that matter check out 6x6 world.