Are we about to run out of diesel engine oil?


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According to this article, engine oil for diesels may run out in about 2 months
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Shelves have been pretty barren of this stuff for a while now. I'm probably OK for a year but I do buy some every time I see it.

Same with DEF. I have at least a years supply.


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I have no DEF engines. And one can use any 30 wt detergent oil in a diesel engine. Just change it at 3,000 miles.

Fleets and OTR's likely will have issues but there are alternatives.

Diesel Fuel is a whole nuther matter. I have 500 gallons tucked away. Enough for about 10,000 miles. The issue here might be refineries meeting the 7 PPM sulfur requirement.


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Just went and bought enough diesel oil and regular synthetic oil to change oil in everything including the generator ,tractor, diesel truck and bulldozer for a year. When trucks and farm equipment run out of diesel oil they will use regular oil and change it more often like Franc said, thats if they are still going after the DEF shortage. Thats going to effect the lite truck and auto oil prices and availability as well.