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So I walked into the furnace room last night and found myself staring at a partially wet wall, water dripping from the 24+ year old RO purifier and a partially wet floor. Fortunately there is a floor drain and the water was meandering to the drain.

Made an aluminum foil shield to channel the water so the wall could start to dry, which also directed the water to the floor drain. I could have simply shut the water off, but the RO faucet was still delivering water.

Up early this morning and a trip to Lowe’s. Picked up a whole new system. Their website said it was on sale $10 off. Got to the register and was surprised when it rang up with a $30 discount!

4 hours later and it seems to be working.

I tried to reuse the old pressure tank but that proved to be a problem. Started spurting water from the connector and making a bigger mess. My install is a bit more complicated as these things are supposed to mount under a sink but mine is mounted in the equipment room a flight below my kitchen. They are supposed to feed 1 tiny faucet. But mine is split to also feed the ice maker. Consequently the 3’ or so of tubing provided in the box is not adequate to serve my needs.

All seems to be sorted and after purging the system we should be good again.

A fan is finning to dry up the mess. Not sure how long it’s been leaking, the backside of the drywall is showing a bit of mold, the front side is dry and shows no sign of water damage. I suspect it was a low volume leak for a week or so before it finally let loose?


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