Anyone have a ROOMBA automatic vacuum?


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My daughter hates to vacuum, she will be moving out sometime in 2021. If not for Covid she would not be living with us now.

She HATES to vacuum but her Corgi dog sheds as bad a dog 3-times its size. So she asked for a Roomba. There are about a dozen different models. No clue if any of them work. Do these things work? Do you have one, or know someone who has one?

Advice please!


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Just tell her don't get a puppy. Don't know if true or not but a story made the rounds a couple had a roomba and got a puppy. The pup pooped on the living room carpet unbeknownst to the owners and later that night the roomba made it's rounds and spread poop all over the living room, LOL!!


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I saw that story!!!
This happened to my coworker. We have one but it's a lower end model. It's not suited for our open floor plan, so we just keep it in the master and let it take care of that room, which it does fine. You can also link it with Alexa.


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I have a Roomba clone for my basement. It works great but you have to empty it every night. It's amazing how much it picks up.

Roomba has a self emptying version that I'm sure you could afford. I'm considering getting one for our main floor because I don't spend that much time up there and would probably forget to empty it every night. I know my family won't empty it - they have to be reminded to empty the vacuum cleaner.