Any guitar wiring gurus?


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I have a 1960's Mosrite Celebrity. The guitar had been rewired at some point; I got it with the spare/old pots. There's a couple broken wires.

I'm looking for a wiring diagram for that guitar; lots of web search, but have not located a wiring diagram for this specific model.

Every search I do, I come up with more questions.

- Not sure the pickups were in right positions. The one on the neck measures 11.07kohm, the bridge measures 7.9kohm(disconnected)

- The existing Pots measure 500kohm volume, 225kohm tone. Old pots measures 640kohm and 512kohm. If old pots are original, what difference would the different ohm rating make in sound? I know Semi Mosely used his own pickups, I wonder if these pots were a better match for the Moserite P90 style pickups?

This Moserite Celebrity has the pots, switch, and jack thru the body, not the removable plate.

I'd like to be able to verify the wiring, and put it to original.