Any grommet suppliers out there?


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I’ve got a Perkins 1004-4T in the BR-60+ that is in need of an elusive grommet for the pre-heat fuel line. I’ve checked with all of the fleet/diesel shops and suppliers in the area and no one has anything close. I found the whole filter housing that includes the grommet but would ship from England and is more than is needed. I plugged the line so it can be used but it definitely starts much better with the preheat. Any ideas? Thanks!


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I don't really understand. Are you looking for the piece that's off to the side in the second picture ?

Would a modified compression ring work ? Could you make it out of copper gas line ?


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Yes. it’s a fairly hard plastic or nylon material, not sure if it is tapered new or if that’s the form it took after being compressed. I’ll see if a compression ring fits