Amazon Elexa and Similarities....


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My neighbors who actually are pretty private people have gone and picked up an additional 4 units over Christmas. They now have snoop capability wide open throughout their whole house including bedrooms.

Am I the only oddball out that I can't find comfort in the fact that everything about my life may be recorded in a hard drive somewhere for someone else to utilize as they see fit. :idea:


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The remote for my firestyk has an alexa option and I wonder If I should pull the batts when not in use. Of course the worst thing said is one or both of us trashing dims, LOL!!


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Nope you are not the only one. I will never have Alexa or anything like it in my house. I do have smart TV's. One of them is hooked to my wifi so .... if spectrum wants to spy on me I guess they can. Sure it would be very very very boring but still invading one's privacy unbeknownst to them is wrong in so many ways. I hope it is not going on but how can I be sure?


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No Alexa, Nest or Google Assistant type devices in my home.


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I have Alexa on one of my smart TV's. Part of the setup or settings allows me to enable or disable Alexa. I obviously have it disabled as well as all "sharing" settings.


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We have several of the Echos sitting around the house. If they want to spy on us and listen to what goat is in heat or who is do when, so be it. They have a pretty boring life. I like being able to turn lights on or off by voice.