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300, I don't drink Glenxxxs anymore; used to, especially Glenfarclas. Next time you are in better bar, try the Ardbeg 10yr. Laphroaig will do as well, though a bit lighter on the smoke. Lagavulin would be third choice.

Wish I had some here in Wisconsin. But then again, I'd probably become an alcoholic like the rest of 'em here.

Franc, drink what ya like man. Somebody's gotta drink that stuff. :flowers:

If you want to try another cheese, completely different than aged cheddar, but oh so good, try an Italian cheese called Crucolo. It is available in the states, just have to find it.

No offense meant and none taklen.:beer:

As to your challenge,,,,,,,,,,,,
I will gladly drink the "stuff" early and often as I can.

You are aware that the Scotts invented the "stuff" to keep the Irish from roulin' da worlt. I will be glad to have made it "wort der whyle." :1062:
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Lagavulin is one of my favorite drinks, but at near 100 bucks, I have gotten out of the habit. Two you might try are Caol Ila 12, a similar tasting whiskey at half the price, and another of my favorites, and Glenlivet Nadura. The latter, bottled at cask strength, is one of the few which I do add a touch of water. The current bottle I have is 115 proof. Bottled at 16 years.

Ah, but you see, my best buddy owns the largest liquor store in Chicago. So I don't pay anywhere near that. In fact, I often get sample bottles. That story about keep your friends close and enemies closer just don't understand.