A couple of Kristis


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I was out driving around the other day and came across these two Kristis.
I saw a couple guys at the place they were at and asked them if I could take a look at them. I didn't get any contact info or ask if they were for sale but thought they were a neat find anyway. Hard to get any shots of the black one but both looked real complete. If I didn't have my Snow Trac, these would have been a fun couple of projects.
Anyone know about these already?



Those are both for sale on the Kristi snow cat forum- 4700 each or 9K for the pair.

www. ************* .com / forsale/

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He is a member here . I can't remember his forum name at this time , but he also purchased from me my KT4 . Super nice guy !!!


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Cool, I figured someone here would know about these. I found the ads for them and they are some old ads! They've aged a bit since then but still look like a couple of fun projects.