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* 2022 Snow Cat Clowder * February 3-6, Bessemer Michigan.

Nort Woods

I actually reside about 40 minutes from Bayfield. My wife and I love it up here. Many fire roads that don’t get plowed which will make good running for my cat (next winter).

Pontoon Princess

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if you are not a local, be sure to get the code to the secret handshake, and brush up on your yooper,

things can get very confusing very quickly, and before you know it, you are standing in the parking lot, talking to yourself, "where did they all go?"

fyi, there is almost to NO cell phone cell

smoke signals work great, till management tells you not to burn the furniture...



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Most anywhere you don’t get shot at….but to be Legal on a snowmobile trail your rig must be “Steered by a Ski” and you can ask @redsqwrl how to circumvent that law also….
It is their RULE, I just followed their rule! ( i do need to find a photo of that rig)