❄2021 Colorado Snowcat Jamboree❄

The 2021 Colorado Snowcat Jamboree will be held March 5th, 6th and 7th at Vail pass this year.
We would like to thank the national forest service rangers for all their support and allowing us to use our public lands to host this epic Snowcat Jamboree.
ATTENDANTS will be REQUIRED to follow all recommended state and country COVID-19 guidelines.
ATTENDANTS are asked to use the camp hale side of vail pass for parking this year. The Vail Pass highway exit on I-70 has become too congested and busy for us snowcaters to use for the Jamboree.
We will have plenty of adequate parking on the camp hale side. More details to follow on parking.......
Lastly this is a free event to attend. Just make sure to have your snowcat registered with the colorado forest service $36 and have atlest a day ticket/ pass for the vail pass area that I believe is $10 now . I could be mistaken on that tho.
We can't wait to see everyone out there and have an awesome Jamboree.
Happy New Year's everyone.

Video from last year.



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What are the details about parking on the Camp Hale side that you mentioned above? Any further details or updates? Any suggested maps/trails/website routes?