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1980 Bombi


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I just started playing with this at the end of the season, all i did was start to weld up a small cage for a little safety and lights. I plan on going through her more this summer. I have heard of summer tracks and was wondering if it is something i should try to track down? I have heard that the winter tracks are hard on the drive line in summer


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Steel angle or channels might be the case or even rubber. Give these guys some time and Bombi owners will pipe up. Bombi track styles are not my area of expertise...


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Thanks for the info, I found a couple of old pictures of summer tracks since you said that it looks like the summer tracks are narrower also I actually have 2 sets of winter tracks one with very good aluminum grousers the other looks like someone ran them in the summer as they are worn on the outer edges. My thought was to take off the track on the machine and strip the aluminum grousers off and make summer tracks but if it should be narrower (that makes sense) I should probably get some banding as well. Does anyone know what the width should be? and thanks for the information