1973 Tucker Sno Cat 1443 New to Me

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Resolved the battery tie down situation. Also added two ground disconnects. Already a convienient option.

Swapped the points out for a pertronix electronic ignition and coil.. Starts easier sounds better more power. Planning to roll some fresh sno trails tonight for a longer test.

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I have a sound bar and subwoofer in there so I ran an additional fuse panel for thosw and future expansion.

Easier to isolate the systems.

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Agreed in theory. Lots of my junk has round posts so I like the battery flexibility between them all. This setup would not be allow on my boats but works for the cat.

Nobody makes a good round post crimp on connector I have found and the amperage requirements are well below the gauge/length specs for this operation.

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Got Tucker thawed out while on a little frind family snowmobile/ski vacation in fun sanctuary state. Youth snowmobile team tackled their first summit Black Cap overlooking Cranmore.

Prepping for a 24 mile round trip vintage ride Sunday so I decide to tackle the track grouser bolt torque and I am glad I did.

The track belting was replaced on this cat before I got it along with many many grousers and idlers/breakers. Few worn ones sprinkled in amongst the real nice and or new ones. The proper torque on the grouser bolts is 20 ft/lbs according to Sterling. What I found was a mix. The welded bolts under the flat stock were mostly correct. The 3 outside on each side were all over the place mostly loose.

Had my Tucker marker assist so I knew where I finished. Once I move out the encroachers I'll finish up tomorrow.

Here are some more grouser styles.

3 bolts exposed each side two inner covered

2 bolts exposed each side 4 inner covered.

3 bolts exposed outside two the inside.

Some new nice ones have welded bolts all across but most under the flat stock cover.

Notice this thinner gauge ones. Only a few on here but they are all bent including toward back in cross track direction. Not sure if aftermarket, or cheaper Tucker version? Quite the collection on this one and interesting where they used which. Must have bought NOS grouser grab bag. Nice tracks nonetheless.

Horses loving the sleigh trail more sno to pack tomorrow!

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Exhaust to windshield mount broke last night after the 20 mile packing trip. Got that repaired today. All is well.

Vintage fleet going mobile tomorrow!

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Had a great day with the vintage sleds at an undisclosed location fostering awesome. 30 mile trek with lots of shitboxes and laughs.

Mercury 3 cylinder turbo diesel sled was interesting. The mobile kegerator served us well.

Met some of Davenet's people on the trail.

50 miles this weekend so time for a once over. Little oil leaking from transfer case needs investigation but running very well overall.


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I'll have to ask around. If I was to guess it may have been Doug(?) Livingston. Their family owns Livingston's Arctic Cat in Hillsboro. My buddy Steve (Grantham, NH) sold them their old club groomer and Squirrel brought a replacement from Wisconsin to Grantham. So I'm thinking it may have been word of mouth conversations?

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Winter motors sports season is wrapping up with the recent warmth. Looking the cat over after last trip the passenger front adjuster idler is hitting the hyfax support and the other wheel. A weld splatter grooved the wheel.

Will have to investigate further.


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Drained out the gas tank and removed the fuel shut off I installed about this time last year.

Non-ethanol fuel is not common around the north east to be able to run it regularly. We can find enough to store motors with and run small engines on.

Each storage season I end up pulling the gas line off to drain which is a hassle. I added a marine dual tank setup then plugged the second tank port with a petcock. I can now drain the tank easily as well as shut the fuel off. The petcock I installed is a back up incase the ball valve were to leak and to keep debris out. Another benefit is if you needed to transfer fuel
to another machine etc. you flip the lever and open the petcock.

Quite a bit of oil under the Tucker. Rear main seal would be my guess without investigating.
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The lonely donor cat has been forced move as progress happens around it. Replanting great grandfathers Christmas Tree Farm that has been long dormant.

He died before I was born and the farm stood still from 1977 on. For many decades we were able to harvest trees until it became over grown. I have since cleared hundreds upon hundred of trees abandoned in seedling rows.

Finally cleared enough land to start with 60 Fraser Fir and White Spruce and have sourced enough child labor. White Spruce is not used much any more but was common back then and what remains on the property.

This investment will provide more visual cover crop for Tucker Sno Cat and vintage grooming implements while keeping the wife happy. As her vision declines I can start adding the junk closer to the house!