1973 Tucker Sno Cat 1443 New to Me

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Weekend in New England changed quick. Skating pond appeared I haven’t seen in my lifetime and we had an icy tundra. Too hard for the tucker and point shoot for others. Picture riding a bike on the ice.

Was scheduled to go up to NH for a vintage ride but the “man” struck again over some 45 day vs 27 day notice period for registrations. Very sad!

Made a day anyway. Lots of breakdowns today so blessing in disguise. Youth clutch monster strikes again. Too many mods catching up result in grenade!

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Yeah, neighbors yard did that as well. Guess you'll have that when the ground is frozen solid and get 2" of sleet & rain on top. Could have skated for miles beside the Souhegan river where it had gone out of its banks in Milford. It was a pretty cool hike, but micro spikes needed.

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Back from a week of all things Sno with family and friends enjoying the great state of New Hampshire!

Hydraulic fitting is leaking. Tried tightening but is still weeping after a trip. Will pull apart re seal and do a filter change while at it.

This grouser needs to be replaced. This a an aftermarket I believe. Looks exactly the same in all aspects but a thinner gauge and possibly softer. Haven’t found a other like it on the machine yet.

Nice sunset cruise to cap of the week.
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When you get all that mass flailing around.....it certainly gets a bit spooky....
Back when I ran the 2100 Packer at the ski resort YEARS AGO.... coming down the Mt at max speed with Ma gravity helping those 57" tracks flying by were just plain awesome.....Break a grouser loose at high speed and it's gonna do damage.

Nice part of the Tucker is the body is up out of harms way....sort of...

Control at high speed can be spooky as well.

12-15 mph is about all I would want to deal with......

I would say that power certainly is nice....but it can reach a point of diminishing returns and then jump into breaking things soon after...

The bigger axles are certainly a good thing.....But then what part becomes the fuse ????
Drive shafts, transfer case ???????

Fun stuff......

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Fixed the hydraulic leak. Pulled the fitting apart and resealed. Wasn’t much sealant in the threads I cleaned up. All the other fittings seem well sealed.

Root cause could have been not enough dope applied or possibly too much dope during assembly and forgot. Very strange.

All fixed and prepping summer hibernation.


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looks like the east coast defenses had a failure. likely another machine headed west while you were distracted........