1969 442 Extended Cab

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I know this cat and reached out to him when I saw it with a for sale sign in one of the Vintage show pics.

Tom who owns this did a great job restoring it. It's right up the road in Kingston NH. I asked him to forward me some better pics and a detailed write up to post on here. I believe the reason it is up for sale is that he runs it on Lake Winni Alton area and haven't had the ice in a few years and cats don't swim well.

Prior to him it's life was a purpleish 442 snowmobile club groomer I think from Bow, NH. They brought it to him for repair and then they decided to cut their losses and Tom bought it.

Full restore with cab extension and I think the cab was also widened. Anyways great cat if and when he forwards me more info I will post it up.

Tom is in the metal fab business and also builds movie props. You may recognize some of his vehicles and props in movies: https://www.eastcoastmetalworks.net/
ouch-----22-5------not that nice----6 banger stick machine--couple sheets of cover sheet diamond plate------had one ----looks cool ----that's all just sayin----did win a couple car shows with mine---o ya my shifter had a jenny beer tap handle lol


That must have been some car show for one of your snowcats to win. what class were you competing in? Best two track? best in class four track? Lol.that is a nice clean Tucker regardless of asking price. Just sayin......


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Any suggestions on shipping this to Northern California would be greatly appreciated. We made an offer on the cat and pending us wiring payment next week. We are currently looking at Uship... we will be using it for cabin access on 20 miles of groomed trail. Cabin sitting in 10 feet of snow currently. Thank You...

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I hear this cat was loaded onto a trailer this am headed west to its new home !

Looking forward to a new thread with some pics of the cat being used. Think you will be very happy with yiur purchase!