1968 Snow Trac ST4 #1069 For Sale


Saw this Snow Trac with a rather interesting history for sale here:


Looks like it may have only had one prior owner in Scottand!

Looks to be in rater good shape, but the price is 2x to 3x high! :4_11_9: Might be a nice unit for someone in the midwest to take a look at (if the price comes down) as it appears to be in the Chicago area.

Seems to include some spare parts too. I've contacted the seller for more info, but have not got a response as of yet. I'll post it up if I get anything back.


AB Westerasmskiner of Sweden built 2,220 Snow Trac machines between the years 1957 and 1980. These machines were primarily sold in Northern European countries to be used on snow covered terrain. Ski resorts also employed these machines to groom trails. While not built with the intention as being a military vehicle, some European Armies drafted Snow Tracs into service. This particular Snow Trac was purchased new in 1968 by the caretaker of a 6,500 acre Gentleman’s Hunting Estate in Scotland and was used for maneuvering the hilly terrain. He thought he had died and gone to heaven when the new machine was delivered and was finally able to retire his old horse and buggy. Originally painted Red, the caretaker of the estate painted the Machine Green (with a brush!) so his machine would blend in with the surroundings. A Snow Trac enjoyed momentary Hollywood fame in the 1980 movie, The Shining, starring Jack Nicholson and Shelly Duvall. You might remember Ms. Duvall’s daring escape in the Snow Trac at the conclusion of the movie. Chicago Classic Cars acquired this Snow Trac from the Hunting Estate. VIN: 01069 Stats Powered by an air cooled 4 cylinder Volkswagen engine 4 speed transmission Variator Steering arrangement top speed: 13.7 mph. Weight: 3,307 lbs. Frame: welded steel. Body: aluminum. Seating for 6 adults. Low center of gravity for ease of control on steep slopes. Stock# PC145

Price: $19,500.

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OK guys..time for an Honest opinion. I am going thru intense withdrawal after selling my tucker last year. I will be buying something this year. How do the Snowtracs compare in deep stuff compared to a Tucker 15-16 series or 5 series steel track machine.


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I've seen this Snow Trac for sale a year ago....must be priced high not to have sold.

The wider pontoon Tucker 5 series will float much better than the narrower-tracked ST4. The wider-tracked Snow Master is made for powder, and is a much lighter package for towing than the 5 series Tucker.

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The Snow Master and Trac Master are unbeatable in the deep stuff. The narrower tracked ST4s are very good but not as good as a performer in the deep stuff.