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1962 Simplicity W walk behind tractor...


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Hello, Looking for some help if possible... I have an old Simplicity Model W walk behind tractor... It's missing the carb (I removed it a few years ago to clean and now have lost it) and it has no spark... It has a Briggs & Straton engine... I am in need of a Carb and a set of ignition points or the complete ignition box... Any help would be much appreciated... I am located in NJ, I would even consider bringing it to someone local to repair it if anyone knows of someone.... Thank you..



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Look up a guy named Gordon Robertson in Cold Spring, NY. He restores stuff like this. Not sure he knows about this particular model, but he is a genius with these things. Has done other walk behind tractors, boats, various antique machine, etc.


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  1. Online Marketplace: Check online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, or specialized vintage tractor parts websites for the carburetor and ignition components. Be sure to verify compatibility with your specific Briggs & Stratton engine model.
  2. Local Small Engine Repair Shops: Reach out to local small engine repair shops or tractor restoration enthusiasts in your area who might have or know where to find these parts.
  3. Tractor Forums and Clubs: Join vintage tractor forums and clubs where members often share advice, parts sources, and restoration tips.