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1953 Tucker Sno Cat 443 Mt Washington WMTW Channel 8 Restoration

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Pulled the OSB mess out, removed the hacked in incorrect cab heater, fuel tank, and more body panels and screws.

There was a radio/CB antenna on the passenger side and brackets that must have held the WIP. This cat had a roof rack which one bracket may have supported?

No viseable holes in the fuel tank or areas that indicate a leak. Looks like the nipple broke off at some point and the tie down brackets were loose so somebody did something Looks to be repairable.

The panel below the door shows the result of years of untreated steel and aluminum making contact. We will fix all that.

The dash, and firewall frame can be reused. Swiss queso firewall will be replaced.

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This is an area I want to improve. Tucker attached the hydraulic pump to frame with this design instead of the motor. Haven't really dove into the plan yet but how it is now requires a nut to be cut off or welded to the frame for pump removal or installation. There is very little adjustment and belt changes require pulley removal. I don't think I could get the pump out without removing the motor currently. That will be confirmed later.

The pump will need a rebuild which will most likely be a replacement. Won't weld a threaded rod to it like tucker did but I am sure a more professional design can be accomplished keeping with the original attachment points that allow serviceability.

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Radiator mocked up waiting for a few bolts. 3 hose outlets are 1 3/4" and the water neck is 2" plus a little more with the rust on the neck. Working a clean hose solution. There could be another mopar radiator that was used with a water neck variant but this fits like it should.

Fan is bent in a few spots. Will use for mock up. Vintage power wagons has NOS 4 blades for final assembly.

Got all the screws threaded into the frame off the upper body. Only two broke off. The last ones are they bolted from the firewall fame to the body. Those are marinating in lubricant. Hope to have the body off this weekend.

Tucker motto: Build no two the same and often one! These hinges are 100% OEM build. One is flipped 3 tabs welded one side 2 the other. End of prohibition or beginning of legalization probably to blame.

The bottom passenger side broke off and has an ugly weld to be addressed.
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Requesting input from our resident Tucker experts....

It would appear that the original hood had no latches on each side and instead used this center latch. Looking at the hood damage the center latch froze/stuck/broke in life causing the damage from heavy winds up on the mountain or trailering like others have experienced or frustrated hood openings.

Traditional Tucker hood latches must have been added later if not redundant and damage was caused by lazy.

The latch seems simple but I can't figure out what the release should be. Spring loaded bolt with a nut welded on the end fits the style?


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The latch seems simple but I can't figure out what the release should be. Spring loaded bolt with a nut welded on the end fits the style
Here’s the latch on a 54 kitten


Your design looks a little different - looks like it’s already sprung to return and you just need a bolt with a button on it to cycle it - looks like your bolt is broken off right at the face of the bar
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3359A0B8-4655-49B1-8119-7DD0AE488EF5.jpeg204EE3BF-B11A-450A-A9F7-90B2416D054C.jpegHere is the original push button from my 52 443 I replaced it with an aluminum one that I made


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Go down to your donor rig. Your replacement 'button' on the accelerator pedal.

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Ok experts calling you in to support.

Radiator is in fan hits. There is no more height to go up. All the pics of 53 tuckers I found have this radiator mounted approx same height. The cap is touching the hood so that's that.

4 blade fan measures about 19 1/4". The six blade on another flathead I have is under 18 which clears.

Junkyard life could have swapped any of the oddities on this. Should have been a 4 blade fan.

Love some pics and mounting measurements from 53 vintage cats!

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Things definitely are not what they seem after almost 70 years of who did what.

Fan was wrong and the mounting holes in the radiator were too low from prior Dodge application.

About 1954 dodge switched to a six blade fan to improved the cooling situation on the non pressurized system of the 251 and eventually 265z This is a popular upgrade on cars prior to that error. So another sensible upgrade to solve the wrong fan and benefit the usability.

Finally got the body off. The windshield frame was through bolted and rusted. Easiest was to grind the screw head flat carefull not to hit the aluminum, center punch, then 1/8" drill and out them came.

Next is to hook the hoses back up full with antifeeeze and start it back up. From there will remove the skins from the door frame reinstall and adjust. Passenger side hinge broke and bent in life with a poor repair.

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Took a bunch of internet searching along with some expert support to dial what should be the correct radiator. This is the 53 at the factory. That radiator I think was lost in the fires out for repair and they are sourcing one. 52 and 54 have the same on some.

Even though the radiator is the same the mounting is different on some. My water neck is 2 1/8 which I have yet to see on others which are smaller. The angle supports for the radiator are reversed on others.

Maybe the princes can tell is how many serials these two are apart?