1941 M29 Weasel on Denver Craigslist

Snowtrac Nome

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i'm betting it's a pos i'm also betting the engine runs good at that price one could afford to do a nodwell track conversion on it as long as the tub is in good shape and you have something to weld to also you would want a good exhaust system and a good starter because aftre changing one in the field you will be using some bad words. i've owned a weasle as a mvpa collector and will badmouth them because of the tracks and boggies but they can be a respectable hunting rig with a good nodwell or thiokol track conversion weasles are light and usualy in expensive the studabaker six will run all day on 15 gallons of fuel and with a good tup they are anphibious the weasles can be good atv's just not snow cats as compared to vehicles biult just for snow.the origional weasels were built for the desert and were found to work better than anything else of their time in the snow the m7 snow tractor even used a varriation of the weasel track. i'm actualy looking at a weasle for a summer rig because it's the only thing out there light enough that i wouldn't have to get permts to cross public land with but it would have to be a frame up rebuild with a different track system