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  1. alaska120

    Tower Poll

    Alright, I finally collected enough tower parts to actually make a tower. No easy feat in know how hard it is to get a 10' piece of Rohn in my PO box??? My genesis of this thread is high do ya think I can go with an unsupported (or limited support) tower? Rohn says 40...
  2. alaska120

    Engine Specs for VW Industrials

    In my VW research travels... If you download the 'Without Guesswork 1969' book, there is a plethora of data on the industrial engines... Have fun!
  3. alaska120

    Eating their own...

    She just doesn't get it. Now the Dem's have turned on each other.
  4. alaska120

    Snowtrac For Sale Fairbanks

    Don't know if anyone noticed but this rig, #274, is up for $4,500 in Fairbanks...
  5. alaska120


    I am in the process of collecting garden veggies for pickeling. Question. I only have a few green bean plants. Can I freeze the beans until I have enough for a whole batch of canning or should I just do a jar or two as I get enough? Also, I seem to remember a quick and easy way of pickeling by...
  6. alaska120

    Diesel Mech question -Anyone smart???

    Here's the situation. 1973 TD-25C. Turbo starts making some noise, like a knock or loud tap. Sound goes away. Engine starts running like crap (i.e., no power -but idles fine). Shut down the engine, pulled the turbo and sure enough, it needed a rebuild. Not seized, but the bearings were...
  7. alaska120

    Greenhouse Growing

    I built a greenhouse this year and we planted lots of stuff. It was kind of a necessity as the critters here, mostly rabbits and moose, eat EVERYTHING I plant so I figured they couldn't get into a greenhouse... Anyhow, I heard that I might need to 'assist' my squash in the pollination process...
  8. alaska120

    A florida book store window

    It actually was found to be credible...
  9. alaska120

    Bad cereal

    How the fight started...
  10. alaska120

    ST-4 in Estonia Interesting version...note the higher hood and Volvo water cooled engine...
  11. alaska120

    60 mpg Subaru?

    I was watching Top Gear on BBC...they had an episode with a driving challange to go from point A to point B. One car was a Subaru Legacy wagon...with a diesel engine. Getting 62 MPG! I've heard that they are not available in the US due to increased emissions but please. If it uses 1/3 less fuel...
  12. alaska120

    Holy Crap! Guess what I just saw!

    Just got my Alaska magazine today in the mail (March edition). Check out page #10. The article mentions the community I live in and my sexatary brought it to my attention but if you look in the pile of trash in the backround of the photo, lo and behold, a poor Snow Trac. I might need to take a...
  13. alaska120

    Snow Trac Registry

    I haven't noticed if building a Snow Trac registry has ever been successfull. If not, I am willing to assemble a spreadsheet with that information. The idea would be to try to document every known unit whether operational or not, still in existence or not. Interested???
  14. alaska120

    Another ebay ST4

    The had painted green beast is up for sale again...
  15. alaska120

    Letter from DC

    This one may be a repeat but it's pretty good all the same... A Lady liberal wrote a lot of letters to the White House complaining about the treatment of a captive insurgent (terrorist) being held in Guantanamo Bay. She received back the following reply: The White House 1600 Pennsylvania...
  16. alaska120

    Party time

    The local Fire Department has decided to hold a Summer party. We can have alcohol, but due to liability issues, we will be limited to one (1) drink per person. The good news is, I'm in charge of cups.
  17. alaska120

    Snow Trac Vid

    Take a look at this one. Probably been posted before but I don't recall it. Note the side windows... Dailymotion - snow-trac Pierre Bellon, a video from mandine73. snow, trac, chenillette, torraz, ww
  18. alaska120

    First trip of the season

    Well, I made a trip out a couple of days ago. Kind of a shake down cruise, really. Everything is frozen now and there is a decent snow base.:mrgreen:
  19. alaska120

    Safety One Classes

    Hey all... There is a safety class being put on by Safety One in Fairbanks this December. I wondered if anyone on FF has attended the class before and also wanted to know if FF has any Safety One members... Thanks!
  20. alaska120

    ST-4 Carburetors

    While getting my ST-4 ready for the playing season, I found that it doesn't want to run very well. I had some issues last year but they would come and go. I am in the process of rebuilding the carb and wondered what is supposed to be on the engine. I have the industrial 1200 cc with a 30/31 PICT...