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  1. Wee Willy

    Let's go for a ride in my Tesla

    Fasten your seatbelt. :)
  2. Wee Willy

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Boy I am stuffed! :smile:
  3. Wee Willy

    Hey luvs, was that you?

  4. Wee Willy

    I dusted off my guitar

    Man I hated getting old and feeling pains but I was dying to strap on my guitar so I thought WTH, if I can't do it put 'em back. That was yesterday and I had fun, actually it felt good. I remembered some songs I haven't played for a long time, so much for CRS. My nephew came home while I was in...
  5. Wee Willy

    You called me didn't ya?

    I got a call from my health plan provider to go through some paperwork I filed. She read off my name, address, (old) phone number, etc. I told her it been years that I had that number so she asked me what's my new number. I paused for a few seconds and said, "You called me didn't you? You have...
  6. Wee Willy

    I wished I didn't sell off my stuff

    Looking through my photos I found this and it made me sick. I kept my Blackheart Handsome Devil half stack and the Fender Bass amp. Two guitars which is my Carvin DC127 and my Harper. And one pedal, the Adrenalinn III. sigh. :doh: Would you believe I paid $399 for the Peavey head with 4x12 cab...
  7. Wee Willy

    I like to collect movie DVDs

    I like watching movies on DVDs. TV is so ridiculous with ads popping up every 5 minutes that it spoils the mood so I hardly turn on my TV. Also I collect those that has CC or SDH as I'm hearing impaired. In the past going to movies wasn't much fun for me so I'm catching up. Doesn't matter when...
  8. Wee Willy

    Can you see the green dot?

    Keep your eyes on the cross.
  9. Wee Willy

    Beware of dog

    He's dangerous.
  10. Wee Willy


    Too funny.
  11. Wee Willy

    Remember Iron Butterfly?

    In A Gadda Da Vida, what a song, one of the best ever. :) IRON BUTTERFLY - IN A GADDA DA VIDA - 1968 (ORIGINAL FULL VERSION) CD SOUND & 3D VIDEO - YouTube
  12. Wee Willy

    Howdy from Texas

    Hi, I'm William. I found this forum while searching for something else and it caught my eyes so I BMed it to check out later. I'm a retired mechanic but actually I'm retired because I'm disabled. All that heavy lifting will take a toll on you later. I like to read non-fiction and interesting...