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  1. Bobcatbob

    Bombi Differential Problem

    Decided to pull the differential brake bands assuming that was my issue steering at the end of last season. Opened the hatch and “WTF are those marks on the diffy !! The brake bands look fine…….looks like the pinion gear moved!!! I’m going to look at the bearings, check the nut (didn’t...
  2. Bobcatbob

    1982 DMC 1450 at auction; Salem, OR

    All the good stuff is on the west coast! Found this gem recently, looks like auction ends this Friday night. Bob
  3. Bobcatbob

    Piston Bully plowing dirt?

    A while back I joked “I could plow a farm field with this Bombardier”.......I was wrong, it’s a Piston Bully. Bob
  4. Bobcatbob

    1977 Tucker Model 1544

    For you Colorado Tucker fans......
  5. Bobcatbob

    Bombardier Bombi Restoration

    I recently purchased a starter through Boggie at MN Outdoors (thank you!) and after looking at how I was going to replace it......made the decision to start on a full refurbishment (will need to pull the engine). I finished the SW-48 last year and figured why’s a journey worth doing...
  6. Bobcatbob

    Bombi Carburetor Rebuild

    Gents, any idea on the make or brand of this Carburetor? I’ve ordered a Weber 34 rebuild kit as this one looks close. Thank you Bob
  7. Bobcatbob

    Why did you buy/restore your snowcat? Inspiration?

    1. They’re cool 2. Utlilitarian 3. Go anywhere, anytime....because they can For me, all of the above. Though it started in 1978...the first “sighting”. Back when Jimmy Carter was president, Evil Knievel was every boys hero, and your idols were your Dad and Grandfathers (mostly WWII...
  8. Bobcatbob

    SW48....1965? For sale

    Ran across this locally: I called the gentleman up, it's in parts with a Chrysler engine (the Craigslist photo is a model picture)....looks fair for a rebuild (he has extra parts to a 2nd same year model that will go with...
  9. Bobcatbob

    Bombardier SW48 Restoration 2016, part 2

    Making progress! The prior thread had pictures throwing off the screen size. Got both Flexitors on today as well as the pivot arm on one side. The prior owner had the flexitor spindles on with no offset angle. Read the shop manual....recommended is 17 degrees from machine frame. The...
  10. Bobcatbob

    Bombardier SW48 Restoration 2016

    I drove the Bombardier around today after topping off the trans fluid (noticeable leak)...and it runs like a champ. So....for about 5 minutes....I considered leaving it as is and running it until something lets go. But, knowing it's rusting out...and it deserves better....I started it's...
  11. Bobcatbob

    Newbie #2 with SW48, but older machine....lots of rust!

    Gentlemen, Picked this beauty up about 2 years ago.....been waiting to "dig in" as I finished up other projects. Looking forward to refurbishing back to OEM or as close as I can accomplish. Wonderful posts in here by others who've done this.....lots of great information. Bob Video of...