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  1. pirate_girl

    Corona Virus spreading ... US official says no need to worry

    The "vaccine" is NOT working for many. Once again we have staff members and residents testing positive. 😐 All fully vaccinated.
  2. pirate_girl

    Happy Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Bob!! Enjoy! 🎂🥂
  3. pirate_girl

    My dad

  4. pirate_girl

    Let's go Brandon!!!

    Don't feel bad Doc. At first I was like huh??! Then the memes started, then I read about it lol
  5. pirate_girl

    How do i get her back?

    I ignored the person that was bugging me. For a whole lot of reasons.
  6. pirate_girl

    How do i get her back?

    Dudes that reply to these threads are often (but not always) showboating themselves for some reason. Knock yourself out being on the advisory committee.
  7. pirate_girl

    How do i get her back?

    This part of the forum is full of one hit wonders and spammers. Stop posting replies.