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  1. loboloco

    My father passed away

    My father passed away 22 October 2015 at the the age of 87. He left behind his wife of 66 years, five children, 6 grandchildren and 17 great grand children. He was a 32d degree mason and was active in his local lodge until shortly before his death. He also was a member of the Eastern Star and...
  2. loboloco

    SC set a record today

    We had up to 2 inches of snow on the first of November 2014. Earliest recorded snowfall here since they started keeping records 125 years ago.:hammer: Must be all those flipping snowbirds bringing that crap down with them.:whistling:
  3. loboloco

    Should US/Cuba Relations be normalized?

    Personally I think we should begin a normalization process that ties in human rights and economic rights into it. The old embargo has outlived its usefulness.
  4. loboloco

    Especially egregious behavior

    It is alleged that an Ohio poll worker voted at least six times in the 2012 election. This is especially egregious behavior on the part of a government official. since I work as a poll manager here in my state I find this really offensive, and know that she, as a poll worker, knew what she was...
  5. loboloco

    Old man

    An old man my wife and I have been assisting for the last two years seems to have run his last race. Shortly after 7 pm he quit breathing and heart went thready and rapid. After appr 30 min with EMT's working on him, he was transported to the ER. Supervisor said it didn't look good for him...
  6. loboloco

    Buffet dumping stocks?

    Got an e-mail today from Utility forecaster that Warren Buffet and George Soros both are dumping stocks. This message is obviously a blurb for utility stocks but some of the information was fascinating. The author of the piece is a Robert Conrad.
  7. loboloco

    Vote 2012

    As usual I am working the polls tomorrow in my area. My job is to insure we have a correct and well run election. Whoever you decide to vote for, or against, please get out and vote. See y'all late tomorrow or Wednesday.
  8. loboloco

    Terraforming Venus

    This has been a subject long of interest to me. We are currently focusing on Mars, a mostly airless planet that would require us to generate an atmosphere, stabilize this atmosphere, and warm the planet to a minimum for human life. an extremely large undertaking with little or no surety of...
  9. loboloco

    A form of stem cell research shows promise

    please note this isn't through the use of prenatal stem cells. A research that has basically been shown to be a pipe dream. Stunning Recovery for First Child to Get Stem Cell Trachea By LARA SALAHI | Good Morning America – 17 hours ago Email Print The first...
  10. loboloco

    Two choices

    this may have been posted before, but if so, we all need to read it again. this has been around before but it always touches my heart and I want to share it Two Choices What would you do? make the choice. Don't look for a punch line...
  11. loboloco

    Does anyone here use Skypes?

    If so, how do you like it? Any issues? Do you link thru facebook or any other social media site? I have it, but haven't used it except to test. We plan on using it to reduce the costs of maintaining contact with some of our friends in other countries. Does it work as advertised? Are ther any...
  12. loboloco

    Happy Mother's Day 2012

    Happy Mother's day to all of you mama's out there. I hope you have a special day. To all of you mother's out there who happen to not be mama's, the same:yum::yum:.
  13. loboloco

    FYI NCT is down.

    Since about 0900 EDT. Not sure what the problem is, but get a 'conncetion reset' error for NCT.
  14. loboloco

    Adult Student Teacher Sex

    Ok, personally I don't have a dog in this fight. I can see the views on both sides of this and really don't know how I stand on the consensual adult part of this. Underage, yes I have a problem, but once the student is 18, it becomes a little bit more problematic. My major concern would be the...
  15. loboloco

    McDonalds Liable For Forcing Prostitution?

    Ok, this case is weird. Personally, this seems to be one hell of a stretch, but maybe some of the more legally involved members could give us their thoughts? Woman Blames McDonald's for Prostitution By JAMIE ROSS ShareThis LOS ANGELES (CN) - A woman...
  16. loboloco

    The Loopy Lupine's Thoughts Thread.

    At this stage, life is kind of like a cat in the middle of a dog fight. As long as I'm alive I'm winning. I am ashamed of nothing I have done in my life. Dissatisfied, yes. Wishing I had done better, yes. Ashamed, no. I am still wondering where my youth went, and if I can catch back up with...
  17. loboloco

    Possible Solar Generator system

    Hey folks, some of you original thinkers, how about take a look at this and give me your gut on the materials and things. I realize this may be entirely unfeasible for a lot of areas, but I also don't really believe any single option should be thrown out without looking at it. Solar...
  18. loboloco

    EPA told it isn't above the law

    this is one of those "where is the common sense" cases. It would have been better if the SCOTUS had reversed the whole deal and required EPA to pay these folks $75,000 per day. Supreme Court sides with Idaho property owners over EPA Published March 21, 2012 |...
  19. loboloco

    Should IRS License Tax Preparers

    I do my own taxes but I'm wondering what others here think of this. IS it sensible, or just more government sticking their noses in where its not needed or wanted Federal lawsuit challenges new IRS regulations on tax preparers Published March 12, 2012 |...
  20. loboloco

    This is a good reason

    to bring back hanging and crucifixion. Maybe even burning at the stake. Family fights for New Jersey woman's killer to remain behind bars By Cristina Corbin Published March 12, 2012 | Print Email Share Comments...