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  1. squerly

    As Elmer Fudd would say - "Be very very careful"
  2. squerly

    The party.

    A boy asks his mom, “Mom, why am I black and you’re white?” The mom answers, “Don’t you even go there. The way that party went, you’re lucky you don’t bark.”
  3. squerly

    Pulse gay club attack

    Preliminary data indicates a lone gunman entered the premier gay club "The Pulse" and killed 20 people. I wonder how long it will be before Obama, Nancy, Hillary and the rest of the bunch are using this catastrophe to further their gun grab agenda?
  4. squerly

    Butterfly Effect

    In Chaos Theory, the "butterfly effect" is the name given to the sensitive connection between initial conditions in which an insignificant event in one state in non-linear systems, can result in sometimes catastrophic events in the universal state. In other words, although unlikely, it is...
  5. squerly

    Track bars, do I need them?

    I have a 1988 Jeep Wrangler (YJ) leaf springs front & rear. Others have told me to ditch the track bars as they are useless on a vehicle with leaf springs. I'm leaning toward ditching them but I want some opinions if possible. Anyone?
  6. squerly

    Do government employees pay income taxes?

    Trish (my wife) and I got into a discussion regarding federal & state employees paying income taxes. My opinion is they don’t pay income taxes or contribute to SS system. Her take on it is that they do. So what do you do when a friendly discussion ends in two hardened positions and the...
  7. squerly

    No room for stairs?

    Or if you're just tired of climbing them.
  8. squerly

    GMC trucks 2007-2013

    Any of you grumpy old men own a GM truck manufactured between 2007 – 2013? If so, my guess is the dash has cracked on the passenger side, up by the air bag. If not, consider yourselves lucky as thousands of other unfortunate souls (myself included) have not been so lucky. And as...
  9. squerly

    Celebs going to Canada WHEN Trump wins...

    Dateline: Prime Minister Trudeau has decided to increase Canada’s border security in response to the growing list of self-centered celeb’s threatening to move there should Trump win. Trudeau was quoted as saying, “If that doesn’t work, I'm moving to the US.”
  10. squerly

    The Camelizer

    Anyone shop at Amazon? Who doesn't, right? So here's a tool called "The Camelizer" that's a must-have. There is also a browser add-on. Here is how it works. Assuming you have installed the Camelizer Add-On, search Amazon for the widget you are looking for. Once you find it, click on “The...
  11. squerly


    Can’t say enough about Obama’s FBI / BLM for rounding up those terrorist ranchers. Looks like Bundy is facing life imprisonment for his involvement. Meanwhile in other news, Syrian refugees cause flight delays at Brussels…
  12. squerly

    Trump will be assassinated

    Every now and then is see things before they happen. No, I'm not psychic, but I subconsciously accumulate bits and pieces of data that all point to a conclusion, and often that conclusion becomes reality. I feel the groups (Soros, Bloomberg, etc.) guiding our destiny through the funding of...
  13. squerly

    Stop Windows 10 from spying on you.

    Windows 10, by default, will send a lot of data back to (somewhere) that you may not want to share. You can manually turn it off, if you know where to go and how to do it, but it's anything but straightforward. Here is a link to an article on "How to Disable Windows 10 spying". In the...
  14. squerly

    Cory Smith - Blow Me Away

    My Niece, working her way into movie stardom, is in Corey Smith's (Country Music Singer) new video. just released today. Yes, we're proud of her! :clap:
  15. squerly

    Franklin Motor Sports = Lousy Customer Service

    It’s a shame we have such a supply of business' with such lousy customer service. My latest experience with over the top ineptness comes from Franklin Motor Sports, a Polaris dealer located in my little town of Franklin NC on Macon Center Dr. I had called them to get a snow plow...
  16. squerly

    Why I'm voting Democratic

    Here is James Anderson’s liberal manifesto: 1. I voted Democratic because I love the fact that I can now marry whatever I want. I now may marry my Labrador. 2. I voted Democratic because I believe oil companies’ profits of 4 percent on a gallon of gas are obscene but the government taxing...
  17. squerly

    Health issues with "Shep", my GSD

    Middle of November my beautiful GSD “Shep” suddenly lost all practical the use of his rear legs. The local vet said it could be a tumor, Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Herniated Disk or possibly damage to his existing hip dysplasia caused by a fall. Shep's mind was fine and he seemed perfectly...
  18. squerly

    Protesters want Mayor Rahm Emanuel to step down

    Good deal, I hope they force him out. He was a POS when he was Obama's chief of staff, he was/is a POS while he was/is mayor, and he'll be a POS the rest of his life, regardless of what job he winds up with in the future.
  19. squerly

    Squerly's week in review...

    It was an interesting week for me. But the big news of the week is that I’ve been offered a job, which is pretty remarkable given most people consider me unemployable. Anyhow, I got a personal call from President Obama, offering me a job as a diplomat in Middle East. I can always use...
  20. squerly

    The real definition of class.

    Ya know, with respect to the current administration, it seems that every day I see something worse than the day before. Today's example is attorney general Lynch assuring Muslims of her support, threatening action against any “anti-Muslim rhetoric” that “edges toward violence.”...