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    Can someone keep us up with Bill's condition? Thanks Mark.
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    Our two resident drive by liberals seem to be missing in action these days. I find their post humorous and entertaining, to say the least. Oh well, like a bad habit, they will be back, I'm sure. What a loser....:yum:
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    It is almost over

    I know it is the Kos, but in light of the threads about Obama inporting Muslims etc, I thouth it might be approprate. I just ran accross this on another fourm and it seems to pretty much sum up what I have seen from the right for the last decade...
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    Joe Cocker dead

    just got a pop up. Will try to find story. :sad:
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    The affordable care act is working. In response to waybomb's question in another thread.
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    The Base

    I dont think I have ever seen this guy before, but I bet he has been here.
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    Senate Fails to Ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRP

    This law would in no way change existing American Law. It would not cost America a dime. It is not even binding on America. Why would the Republicans vote it down? Is it just because Obama signed it? Washington, DC- AAPD regrets to announce that the Senate failed to ratify the Convention...
  8. mak2

    Cancer care in US vs Europe

    This is a pretty long article so I jsut copied about half of it. I just stopped at random. Damn it apperaently did not copy the graphics. He says a lot of what I try to, but he does a much better job of it.
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    Not exactly a bus load of illegal aliens

    but... A former sheriff’s office supervisor was charged after an investigation into whether multiple police department employees had committed voter fraud. Bryan E. Wolfe, 35, who resigned this month as the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office director of communications, was charged with voting...
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    Why are you marching son?

    Why are you Marching Son - Spoken by John Wayne - YouTube
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    I am done with the damn things for this year before Thanksgiving. All my gutters are clean, all the leaves down (almost) and are at the curb. Yiiippppeeeee. :wow::wow::wow::clap::clap::clap::wow::wow::wow:
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    Bobby Jindal: GOP Should 'Stop Being The Stupid Party'

    About 90% of my problem with the republican party is the just stupid stuff. There was lots of it this election, I really think the Benghazi outrage and Obama's Katrina ended up hurting Romney, it just made the whole party look silly. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal hurled harsh criticism at...
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    MCRD San Diego

    My son just graduated boot camp. So now he is my brotber too. Weird. I am proud of him, but it is still scary.
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    You might be a Republican if

    • You think Big Oil has our best interests in mind • You think Health Care in the US is something everyone can afford • You think Fox News -- is either fair, or balanced • You think Corporate Raider Mitt Romney, actually cares about "creating jobs" • You think that Jesus supports lying if...
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    Orly Taitz Birther Case Delayed By Kansas Judge

    I did not know Orly was a woman and dentist. A Kansas state judge has delayed a scheduled Wednesday hearing in a lawsuit filed by birther queen Orly Taitz after concerns were raised over...
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    Potential voter registration fraud in Florida: GOP’s own 'ACORN' sca

    The Republican Party promptly fired a voter registration contractor this week after the firm, Strategic Allied Consulting, turned in illegible, incorrect, and falsified voter registration forms to Florida election officials. Saying the party has “zero tolerance” for voter fraud, the GOP also...
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    Reds Homer Bailey

    I was drinking beer and loading my truck up with firewood to take to the camper in the morning. At least till the 6th inning. He was amazing throwing a no hitter in Pittsburgh. It is pretty significant because I remember the last R hander no hitter in 1978, at least I think I do. I love base...
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    Romney on aircraft design

    As far as I can tell he really did say this. If not please let me know, I did attempt to check. If he really said this it is serverely dumb.,0,3749461.story During a Saturday fundraiser in Beverly Hills, Calif., which...
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    CFA sells out

    I cant find it on Faux News website but I heard somewhere today Chik fil A will quit funding anti gay marriage charities if they can put a restaurant in Chicago. IF it is true, what a sell out.
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    God bless America

    The guy playing it at the Reds game on the sax kicks ass. Just sayin. It is Sept 11, ya know.