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  1. Ironman

    Spy on your partner using their cell/GPS

    Uses GPS to track their cell phone location. Works. :whistling:
  2. Ironman

    33 years ago today

    On this date in 1982 Randy Rhoads left us. Truly the best at what he did- to this day, IMO...:smile: It would be interesting if he was around today to see what he would have become, like so many other talented "kids" that left us waaay to early.
  3. Ironman

    90s Tunes

    Post up your favorite tunes from the 90s! :w00t2: Best era of music period (imo). Loved the 90's! Pantera, NIN, Godsmack, Nirvana, and we can't forget the best band ever! Alice in Chains. :wink:
  4. Ironman

    Steelers vs Bears 9/22

    I'm hoping the Bears choke tonight, it really shouldn't be that hard to beat this team away from home. Do the Steelers suck that bad this year?
  5. Ironman

    Best Heavy Duty Diesel Engine

    What's the best in your experience? I'm a fan of the Cummins Diesel engines. Damn near bullet proof. I grew up on Case backhoes and can't remember any major engine related problems. 580E, 580K, 580L, 580M, and a bunch of other excavating equipment. And a 2006 Dodge truck that hasn't any...
  6. Ironman

    Bears @ 49ers MNF

    Cutler is out and Campbell is in. It takes a highly talented team to beat the Bears :D . I'm going with a 49ers win tonight. 24 - 13 :pray:
  7. Ironman

    Ravens @ Steelers 11/18

    I heard Ben is out? 9 & 5 with Ben against the Ravens, 0 and 4 without him.:unsure: Do the Steelers have a chance?
  8. Ironman

    Free fall from space!

    Looks like they are gonna try again today. Red Bull Stratos - freefall from the edge of space - YouTube
  9. Ironman

    Foods that taste better the next day?

    I think my chili always tastes better the next day or after it's been frozen. Probably because when I make it I am so hungry I let it simmer for a good ten minutes and then dig in. :yum: Same goes for my Chili Mac. Ooooh - we should have a chili thread! I have a friend that likes pizza for...
  10. Ironman

    BMW a Pleasure to Ride

    Man gets permanent boner after riding a BMW :confused2:
  11. Ironman

    Favorite Cordless Drill

    What do you like? I guess I favor Milwaukee tools. I had a job a long time ago cutting 4" PVC pipe in half with a circular saw. All day, every day for weeks... We burned up about one saw a day until we got a Milwaukee - and that saw lasted the rest of the job. They have never let me down since...
  12. Ironman

    Brett Favre Leaving the Vikings For

  13. Ironman

    New Camera Technology: Shoot First, Focus Later

    Lytro is about to release their new camera that lets you "shoot now, focus later" and experience living pictures with Lytro." In essence you take a photo and can select where you want the focus of the photo to be within the image. You can play around with photos on their site -...
  14. Ironman

    Hunter Shoots Bear

    You decide... :D NSFW / Language YouTube - NSFW. A hunter shoots a bear!
  15. Ironman

    Happy Birthday PG

    Hope you have a great day ;)
  16. Ironman

    Model Sues Mexican Plastic Surgeon

    Poor girl...
  17. Ironman

    Plum Cake

    Here is a video about plum cake. I found it to be extremely fascinating. YouTube - Plum Cake
  18. Ironman

    What is There to Live For

    "Getting older is a part of life. And it has its good points. But you can easily get caught up in ever-mounting responsibility. It's easy to forget what it is you live for. This video follows several friends who go on a quest to find the answer." YouTube - TC Bank- Dream Rangers
  19. Ironman

    Super Bowl XLV: Packers vs Steelers

    So who's gonna take it? Score? I heard today the Steelers won't have Pouncy starting as center. I'm pretty dang proud of the Pack for being a 6th seed and running the table on the road to get there (with 16 guys on IR). AND kicking the Bears ass for the NFC Championship! Once in a lifetime...
  20. Ironman

    Breakfast, Bacon & Booze

    Mmmm mmm! :biggrin: YouTube - Breakfast of Booze - Epic Meal Time