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  1. Catavenger

    Thank You President Trump!

    An Open Letter to Donald Trump and the people in the United States: Thank you President Trump for single handily RUINING the Republican party and walling it off from the general public One Brick at a time! To paraphrase Ronald Reagan " I didn't leave The Republican Party, the party has left...
  2. Catavenger

    Turkish Pres accuses Soros

    Soros making "Friends" in Turkey . . Looks like he even pizzed off the Turks I'm beginning to like the Turks.
  3. Catavenger


    I turned on my TV a little after five this morning and saw that it was 24 degrees here in Arizona! Well it wasn't where I am in Arizona. But it was in Flagstaff Arizona. I just wanted to let you know it's not all a scorching desert here.
  4. Catavenger

    Things I think . . .

    When I'm high as a kite on my epilepsy pills. Maybe I should get rid of my stinking cats and with my pittance of S.S. Disability I can rent an extended stay motel room. I will have enough money left to buy some hamburgers and Taco-Bell Mexican food every day and even have enough left over to buy...
  5. Catavenger

    Wonderful Phoenix & "Natural" Disasters

    I saw that a Facebook friend of mine who lives in Florida right in the path of where hurricane Michael went through earlier this month. survived the hurricane but had her home destroyed. (I think, no details) , but she is staying in a hotel in Alabama. I thought she should move to Phoenix...
  6. Catavenger

    Hungary and Soros: Looks like there is someone else who dislikes Soros: I did some web-searches about Victor Orban, anyone who pisses as many people off as he does can't be all bad.
  7. Catavenger

    Kangaroo, the other, other, other, white meat

    Yummy and nutritious. Okay in Australia, in Nebraska, not so much. Presuming it didn't make the children sick, (at least before they knew what it was) and didn't cost the School any more than...
  8. Catavenger

    Man fakes it to get diapers changed

    Even MORE Weird Arizona news. Man faked Down syndrome to con caregivers into baths, diaper changes And we made the New York Post! Ewww gross:sick: But he isn't even original, a fake...
  9. Catavenger

    Officer who walked into wrong apartment and killed man faces arrest:

    Officer who walked into wrong apartment and killed man faces arrest: He was black and that's gotten the blacks pissed off. I don't blame them. Why is she only Facing arrest? Note that...
  10. Catavenger

    I Dream of Jeannie Star Bill Daily Dies at 91: Read Barbara Eden, Bob Newhart's Movin

    I Dream of Jeannie Star Bill Daily Dies at 91: Read Barbara Eden, Bob Newhart's Moving Tributes Another part of my childhood gone, maybe that's why I feel sad. I...
  11. Catavenger

    Phones & Mail

    I noticed that an AC repair company had sent me a bill via email. I had almost missed it. Why couldn't they MAIL it to me? I noticed that they only had my cell phone number as a contact number. I guess I will need to tell them what I told another contractor that unlike the kids I am not glued...
  12. Catavenger

    Rotten Reptile

    I like lizards. When I was a kid I had a lizard as a pet. My sister even had a lizard as a pet. Small lizards. Not a huge beast. My question is why are they trying to catch it? Just kill the SOB. If the powers that be don't want it killed the family here could by a .22, that is enough to kill...
  13. Catavenger

    Pizzen' & Moanin' About Trump

    :whistling:My IRA stock plan has gone up around $1000 since the start of the year :finger1: You Mueller
  14. Catavenger

    Free the Animals!

    Animal Crackers that is . . . I used to chat with a woman who works at a zoo in Florida and she told me how cruel the circuses were to the elephants. So I can agree that not having them in the circus is a good Idea but perhaps changing the box is a bit to politically correct? Anyway it's a...
  15. Catavenger

    Linux on a stick drive :

    Or a way for them to make 35 bucks for something people could do for free themselves: https://...
  16. Catavenger

    RIP Brigadier . . .

    I had a crappy night last night. Here they catch and neuter feral cats, tip their ears to show that they have been neutered, then release them. I've been feeding one for a few years now. He was a tough black long haired cat I just called the "Brigadier." There is a chain link fence...
  17. Catavenger

    Hey, it's not so bad . . .

    It's supposed to hit 117 F Degrees Tuesday. At least that's not 122. Blame Geronimo the Capital of Arizona use to be in Prescott but the Apaches kept raiding it and even the Apaches didn't want to move here!
  18. Catavenger

    My Take on McCain

    :myopinion: I think that McCain is a very bitter dying old man. He knows he is dying and that there is nothing he can do to stop it. He seems to be bent on hurting as many people as he can before he dies. He is very jealous of Trump because Trump was able to become President where McCain failed...
  19. Catavenger

    "Borat" breaks the law

    And no it's not against the law to be a total a hole
  20. Catavenger

    Cost of "collusion" investigation

    A million here a million there and pretty soon you are talking about real money . . . Typical bureaucrat after all the money...