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  1. JimVT

    snow trac on tv soon

    i got a call from the operator of an st4 it will be on the bearing sea gold show soon. not sure of the date. i don't watch tv so i'm not to keen on the details.
  2. JimVT

    leveling the mole hills with snow trac

    i needed it to get up to 180 for an upcoming trip .so i put it to work on the pasture.
  3. JimVT

    selling my 1968 st4b.

    a strong roomer is it went to washington state
  4. JimVT

    Snow Trac replacement BRONZE drive sprockets

    pictures have been posted of the white st4 plastic sprockets.
  5. JimVT

    ST4 f Brake drum.

    i can't answer your question but one type of fix was posted for the worn splines. it is buried in the archives someplace.
  6. JimVT

    Snow trac or snowmaster belt change?

    if the belt is extremely loose after replacement from not being seated in the sheaves be careful when you start. it is almost the same as turning the steering and not moving. i know of one person that broke the variator after changing the belt.
  7. JimVT

    Corona Virus spreading ... US official says no need to worry

    you'll get the industrial strength??
  8. JimVT

    2008 Prinoth Trooper in spokane wa.

    just a warning this trooper isn't as advertised. i have a friend that drove all day to look it over and must have 500hrs or more on it .30 welded broken grousers painted over rusty axles. just a warning snowcat - heavy equipment - by owner - sale (
  9. JimVT

    worn out beat up snow trac resto

    i like what i'm seeing . thanks for posting.
  10. JimVT

    just bought this thiokol1402

    do a search . one member restored one and posted pictures.
  11. JimVT

    WTS freight sled

    new link
  12. JimVT

    Too enthousiastic

    i would go with the hi torque vw starter
  13. JimVT

    WTS freight sled

    new link
  14. JimVT

    Too enthousiastic

    was the original engine in it 1200 cc 40 hp stale air? switching one like that to 1600 cc requires heater duct work and a small amount of bell housing grinding .
  15. JimVT

    WTS freight sled $400
  16. JimVT

    Harper the Great Blue Heron's Migration Path

    live tracking
  17. JimVT

    tower run

    we had some cleanup work to do at at washington lookout yesterday and took a few pictures. not in order first is mount st helens. we could see many mountains .my trailer in forground. mt rainier . the drive over the edge was challenging . mt baker was in the distance oh i'm adding a coupe...
  18. JimVT

    snow trac in hot vw mag.

    i haven't seen it yet but was told this "a great picture of the Swedish Mafia in the latest issue of Hot VW, and you are in the picture as well. Let the boys know."
  19. JimVT

    preserving standing poles

    i just noticed someone from or contracted by the power company drill holes and add what looks like oil then plug the hole in large powerline poles that run on my property. it was down at ground level. does this work for prolonging the life of the pole?
  20. JimVT