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  1. NorthernRedneck

    My dad

    My heart is breaking as I type this. I lost my dad yesterday in a tractor trailer incident. He was retired for a few years but decided to go back to work out of boredom at 67 driving a tractor trailer hauling heavy equipment around the region. He was delivering a large excavator to a work...
  2. NorthernRedneck

    Ford wiper motor problems

    Anyone here have issues with their wipers not working on a ford? My '17 f150 started having sluggish wipers a few weeks ago. They wouldn't go all the way up and stop. They wouldn't go down. They'd stay stuck halfway. I did some research and discovered many others with the same issue. It...
  3. NorthernRedneck

    Possible tornado hit my brother's place.

    Last night we were under a severe thunder storm watch with strong winds and hail with the possibility of tornadoes. It missed us but went through where my brother lives only 4 hrs away. He had trees down on both his truck and motorhome. He also posted pictures of a local hotel who's roof was...
  4. NorthernRedneck

    Husqvarna 350

    It's got an 18" chain on it and is plenty big enough for anything I'll need in a chainsaw. I picked it up last year for less that 200 on ebay and it hasn't let me down yet. Last fall, I put a new bar and chain on it then it basically a sat all winter unused. Yesterday I decided to tackle a...
  5. NorthernRedneck

    Mujibar's job interview.

    Mujibar was trying to get a job in India . The Personnel Manager said, 'Mujibar, You have passed all the tests, except one. Unless you pass it , you cannot qualify for this job.' Mujibar said, 'I am ready.' The manager said, 'Make a sentence using the words Yellow, Pink, and Green .'...
  6. NorthernRedneck

    House fire

    A long time family friend's family is in mourning. First I'll explain the background relationship. My mother grew up with this lady as her best friend and later worked with her. She had 3 daughters all about my age. One was in my class in grade school. They have all grown up with kids of their...
  7. NorthernRedneck

    Button fly jeans

    Seriously?!?!?!? Like wtf? I can just picture some gay-assed clothing designer standing there saying "look at this design. With these buttons on the fly, these jeans will look just fabulous". Not realizing that they were button fly jeans, I recently bought a pair. Now picture this. A...
  8. NorthernRedneck

    A day in the life of Greta

    One crisp winter morning in Sweden, a cute little girl named Greta woke up to a perfect world, one where there were no petroleum products ruining the earth. She tossed aside her cotton sheet and wool blanket and stepped out onto a dirt floor covered with willow bark that had been pulverized with...
  9. NorthernRedneck

    Snow shoveling murder

    Snow shoveling leads to murder triple death. You can't make this stuff up.
  10. NorthernRedneck

    Need a tow?

    I came across this while browsing around. Not exactly a snowcat but cool nonetheless. Would be a perfect complement for any krusty's out there.
  11. NorthernRedneck

    What to do?

    I've been on pain meds for the past 5+ years. Tylenol doesn't do squat for me. I may as well pop a tic tac as to take Tylenol. What does work is aleve. (Or naproxen) That has created another problem though. I've been taking aleve morning and night for 3 years. While it works for pain, it's...
  12. NorthernRedneck

    Pressure cooker

  13. NorthernRedneck

    Follow the plow

    BREAKING NEWS: CNN. A woman driving a car became lost in a snowstorm. She didn't panic however because she remembered what her dad had once told her. "If you ever get stuck in a snowstorm, just wait for a snow plow to come by and follow it." Sure enough, pretty soon a snow plow came by, and she...
  14. NorthernRedneck

    What are you doing today, 2021 edition

    Chiropractor this morning. Followed by another trip to the tire shop to get new tires installed on my wife's expedition. Home to do some hashing on the bathroom design and ordering fixtures. Next will be a trip to a few tile places in the city to pick out flooring, countertop, and shower tiles.
  15. NorthernRedneck

    Bathroom reno.

    We had been toying with the idea of doing a bathroom renovation in our ensuite. The bathroom is 9'6" x 15' and currently has a 6ft air tub and a walk in shower, a double sink vanity, toilet and cupboard space. Downstairs under the bathroom is a dropped ceiling making the plumbing easily...
  16. NorthernRedneck

    Let's talk tires

    My truck is due for tires so I've been shopping around for new ones. I'm not one to have a dedicated set of winter and summer tires that need to be swapped out every spring and fall. So a good semi aggressive tire with a mud and snow rating is what I look for. Most trucks come from the dealers...
  17. NorthernRedneck

    Prayers for a friend

    A friend of mine and also singer in the band I play in at church isn't doing well. Last year, she lost her husband. Last week, she wasn't feeling well and went to emerg. Turns out she had a heart attack and required stints to be put in. She had the surgery to get them installed and was sent home...
  18. NorthernRedneck

    Christmas 2020

    That time of year again. Let's see your Christmas tree ?
  19. NorthernRedneck

    My cousin's son - RIP

    Sad time for our family. My cousin's 21 year old son passed away from epilepsy yesterday. He had a massive seizure.
  20. NorthernRedneck

    Unwanted house guest.

    We had an unwanted guest over the weekend. He was given an eviction notice and finally complied yesterday. We have a side entrance door beside the kitchen that opens to the dog run outside. Last Friday, we found the door left open by one of the kids. Later that evening our daughter came to us...