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  1. JimVT

    snow trac on tv soon

    i got a call from the operator of an st4 it will be on the bearing sea gold show soon. not sure of the date. i don't watch tv so i'm not to keen on the details.
  2. JimVT

    leveling the mole hills with snow trac

    i needed it to get up to 180 for an upcoming trip .so i put it to work on the pasture.
  3. JimVT

    2008 Prinoth Trooper in spokane wa.

    just a warning this trooper isn't as advertised. i have a friend that drove all day to look it over and must have 500hrs or more on it .30 welded broken grousers painted over rusty axles. just a warning snowcat - heavy equipment - by owner - sale (
  4. JimVT

    WTS freight sled $400
  5. JimVT

    tower run

    we had some cleanup work to do at at washington lookout yesterday and took a few pictures. not in order first is mount st helens. we could see many mountains .my trailer in forground. mt rainier . the drive over the edge was challenging . mt baker was in the distance oh i'm adding a coupe...
  6. JimVT

    snow trac in hot vw mag.

    i haven't seen it yet but was told this "a great picture of the Swedish Mafia in the latest issue of Hot VW, and you are in the picture as well. Let the boys know."
  7. JimVT

    preserving standing poles

    i just noticed someone from or contracted by the power company drill holes and add what looks like oil then plug the hole in large powerline poles that run on my property. it was down at ground level. does this work for prolonging the life of the pole?
  8. JimVT

  9. JimVT

    Mitch McConnell speaks on the Senate Floor
  10. JimVT

    looking for jd 15A rotary chopper part

    i'm stuck on finding a 40 yr old part that John deere doesn't make anymore. idid a search with the part number and came up empty. part is C503E Hub can anyone help? it is a cap that slides over the axle hub shaft that you remove when replacing the tire. the cap is cast an i removed it in...
  11. JimVT

    old leavenworth snowcat pictures
  12. JimVT

    bought a surveillance cam

    i'm in the process of installing this. the same is at a tower and it stood up to lots of ice storms. so I figured it would be good on my barn. it is going to be a challenge because when I move it to my distant barn 300ft some good shielded cable will...
  13. JimVT

    home video cam install

    I bought a sumba PTZ camera 25 power and am learning about it. it will go on my property and maybe one more. as a temporary install is it safe to use a 3 ft pole tied above my chimney? we get 50+mph wind during the winter at times. it is about 2lbs.
  14. JimVT

    unpacking a robinson helo

    bored? just order a helicopter. some assemble required.
  15. JimVT

    pistenbully plowing snow

    it was my turn to close a forest service gate. this gate is opened for grooming a snowmobile trail and after grooming stops is must be closed to keep 4x from driving on the huge meadow. I couldn't make it this year so another forum member used my pb and did it. the dogs are search dogs . the...
  16. JimVT

    old snow trac friction drive

    just recently sold
  17. JimVT

    new snow trac sprokets

    just showing now but a new snow trac sprocket design is out. one of the snow trac guys built them. the teeth remove to rotate or replace with out removing the track. he is looking for comments,suggestions the total cost hasn't been determined yet this is just setting on the track hub to...
  18. JimVT

    washington tower trip

    two of us took my canyon to a nearby tower Saturday. the snow was very hard with 2 or 3 inches of fresh on top of huge drifts. problems? well my 4 year old battery was drained from me leaving the master switch on with two radios working. we jumped it and was reading 13.5 v while running but...
  19. JimVT

    one more snow trac in washington

    bought in palmer alaska and hasn't arrived yet. i haven't the details on the shipping ,just pictures.
  20. JimVT

    snow trac heater/defroster

    seen this the other day and noticed one line going as defroster. that should keep any moisture off the windshield.