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    Tractor Train Traverse - Ronne Ice Shelf 2017/18

    15:29 min. Michael Neaverson 257 subscribers SUBSCRIBE Three months in 15 minutes of the 2017/18 British Antarctic Survey season, taking four Pistenbully tractors and trains of sledges over 2000km across the Ronne Ice Shelf.
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    Amish 6 Horse Hitch Pulling Corn Sheller

    5:10 min. What If News and more! What If News and more! 70.5K subscribers 6 horses pulling 2 row New Idea corn picker with a shelling attachment.
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    Early Season Arctic Blast? Fall Like BIG Cooldown on the Way!

    9:28 min. 6,656 views Sep 26, 2021 Direct Weather 162K subscribers
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    New to me 1936 Caterpillar RD4, get it running project

    Interesting.. I was looking for your pony motor exhaust to run through the intake manifold for pre heating the main engine. My D4400 Gen set has such a set up. I have been told no matter how cold, it the pony lights up, you will get the 4400 running. Hope the pony fires right up for you...
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    Why Cathie Wood JUST Sold Her Palantir Stock

    6:26 min. Tom Nash Tom Nash 244K subscribers ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As some here know I am a Planatir fan. Since I bought some shares it has gone from $18 to nearly...
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    Amish man picking corn with mules. Lancaster co.

    0:57 min. Daniel Stoltzfus Daniel Stoltzfus 5.36K subscribers Cornpickin.
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    RPAZ America's Audit 9-24-2021

    4:38 min Republican Party of Arizona 20.9K subscribers The mainstream media & audit opposers continue to lie, but there were MANY discrepancies found in the Audit report that MUST be investigated further. Chairwoman Ward brings you some of the highlights of the hearing. #ElectionIntegrity...
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    'Why Won't You Answer?': Ron Johnson Grills FBI's Christopher Wray Over Michael Sussmann Indictment

    7:37 min. Forbes Breaking News 821K subscribers At today's Senate Homeland Security Committee, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) questioned FBI Director Christopher Wray about the indictment of lawyer Michael Sussmann in the Durham probe...
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    Maricopa County election audit results released

    LIVE!!!! azfamily powered by 3TV & CBS5AZ azfamily powered by 3TV & CBS5AZ 82.2K subscribers SUBSCRIBE The Arizona Senate is hosting a presentation on the results of Cyber Ninja's audit of Maricopa County's 2020 election results. Click on watch on you tube. Censorship?
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    Halley Research Station Antarctica Winter 2015

    9:54 min. Tom Welsh Tom Welsh 30 subscribers A snippet of winter 2015 at Halley Research Station, in Antarctica.
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    FOOD CONTROL | How Far Will They Go? Are Meat Prices being manipulated?

    23:04 min Yanasa TV 81.6K subscribers Will the government use it's power to implement food controls? Are Meat prices being manipulated? Support Yanasa TV 0:00 Will the government implement price controls on groceries? 0:41 Tyson CEO says inflation is...
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    Government To Save The Corals

    4:12 min. Tony Heller 108K subscribers Australia's Great Barrier Reef has greatly expanded over the past decade and is about the same size now it was 35 years ago. Yet the press and politicians continue to claim the exact opposite...
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    Ingraham: Team Biden is bought and paid for by China

    9:13 min. Fox News Fox News 8.11M subscribers Laura Ingraham describes Biden's conflict of interests and how they harm the U.S...
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    Live Q&A: Wuhan Scientists Planned to Release Coronaviruses; NIH Accused of Financing Research

    1:15:05 Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP 620K subscribers 🔵Communism has a very dark past. Watch our special series on its origins 👉 🔵Watch FREE in-depth videos based on Truth & Tradition at #EpochTV 👉 🔵Sponsor...
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    What are you doing today, 2021 edition

    Harvest in full swing here. My fist 80 acers of soybeans are out. :)
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    RPAZ Daily Update 9-23-2021

    3:20 min. Republican Party of Arizona 20.9K subscribers More than half of our nation’s governors have written Biden a letter pleading for a meeting about the border crisis. So far, their cries have fallen upon deaf ears. Biden needs to reinstate the border policies that were proven successful...
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    10:07 min. Dr. Steve Turley 785K subscribers Australia is exploding! Aussies are rising up like never before against their nation’s draconian lockdowns! In this video, we’re going to take an inside look at the patriot uprising going on as we speak throughout Australia, we’re going to see how...
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    White House reporters launch formal complaint after Biden refuses to take questions yet again

    3:33 min. Sky News Australia 2.02M subscribers White House reporters have launched a formal objection after President Joe Biden refused to take any questions while holding a meeting with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the White House. Prime Minister Johnson took three questions from the...
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    Gravitas LIVE | China's $300 billion time bomb | Will China export a global financial crisis?

    48:23 min. WION 3.56M subscribers Watch Gravitas with Palki Sharma Upadhyay: + Evergrande crisis: China's $300 billion time bomb + Is a global financial crisis brewing in China? + Modi at SCO: Radicalisation challenges peace + New Zealand cancel Pakistan tour minutes before match + Nicki...
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    LATE BREAKING! Katie Hobbs Was WRONG! Maricopa County "Sees The Light!" | Sweet Home Maricopa

    BREAKING NEWS! Supervisor Resigns! | Sweet Home Maricopa 2;37 min. Sweet Home Maricopa Sweet Home Maricopa 26.5K subscribers