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    Western fires

    This weekend I traveled to my cabin in the Diamond mountains in northern Ca., 5 miles off grid above Susanville Ca. First off I had to go to Nevada to get there as all the other roads in and out were closed except for 395. I got to see first hand the utter devastation to the whole area...
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    Climate change the cause of the fires in the west ( MY ASS )

    The left is trying to blame the wild fires on climate change, when in reality its there environmental policies of no logging, cattle grazing that is causing the fires to grow big along with the forest service and Cal Fire policies of ( if its in a remote area to let it burn to conserve resources...
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    New to me 1936 Caterpillar RD4, get it running project

    Hi all, I got the machine home yesterday. First thing the hornets and wasps came out of everywhere as soon as it hit the ground. I sprayed it with wasp spray and killed the ones flying around, next I went to the hardware and bought a roll of plastic and a 6 pack of foggers. I put all of them...
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    I think they finally got it done.

    If this goes, so will SS and America. 50% of the country will never work again.
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    New project

    Hi all, I just made a deal on this old 1936 Caterpillar RD4. Not running of coarse, its one of the first diesel Cats. If it was a R4 it would be gas, the RD means diesel then the R was dropped later as they were all diesel moving forward. The seller stated that he had it running 4 years ago by...
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    screw the Olympics

    Im done watching Trannies and losers that want to trash America. Im done with professional sports and Olympic sports.
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    Biden loses in court

    A federal judge today, put a stay on canceling oil and gas leases on public lands. I think 13 states sued him and won. I don't know how or if it will effect the Canadian pipeline, but moving in the right direction.
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    2021 everything shortage

    Everything is now becoming short supply, There are shortages of everything from PVC pipe to Metals to computer chips. I did some research and it points to globalized trade, mainly China. There is a sea container shortage because China shut down for a year and a bunch of old ones were taken out...
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    Figuring things out

    Has anyone noticed Bigus, is fighting with everyone one minute and getting along the next. Then back to fighting again. Is this guy for real or a troll. Also he shows up and now CHB is M.I.A. Just an observation on my part.
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    Just read an article where uncle Joe is bragging about 15% of his government workers identify with lgtq, so lets put this in perspective, that make up less than .01 percent of the population but represent 15% of government employees. Anyone still not understand the disconnect between government...
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    Why I am a conservative , liberal or socialist communist in your own words

    I am a conservative because its a way of life that I enjoy. Its family values its work ethic and the desire to build generational wealth its independence its helping others that are trying to help themselves with a hand up, not a hand out. its personal responsibility and not burdening you...
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    2021 food shortage

    Been reading about food shortages coming. I do a lot of work in Can plants and Canneries. I was in several local can plants with lines shut down this week that should be running full capacity to build stock for the canneries that start packing in July. The reason given, is a metal shortage is...
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    How Joe plans to end private property ownership.

    Been doing some reading with too many sources to list. It started under the Obama administration, then shelved under Trump. Now Uncle Joe it has resurrected and expanded upon it. How many of you know about Agenda 21 and Agenda 30? Seems uncle Joe plans to force suburban and rural towns to...
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    Canada cracks down

    Just heard on the radio a small town in a rural area of Canada that has not had any COVID in the whole county was ordered shut down the church. They refused, the Pastor was arrested and put in prison solitary confinement for 2 months. Upon his release he went back to his church and held...
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    Tucker rollers

    Hi guys, sold my Tucker, but I just did a job on an industrial oven and thought about the rest of you with rollers. These are about the same size as the Tucker rollers and roll on a profiled 120 pitch chain in a 600 degree environment. They roll on a hardened pin with a graphite bushing and no...
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    Last week we had a winter storm with rain and high wind. The power went out in the middle of the night and them came back on around 9am. When it did it fried my cable box, microwave, alarm clock, garage door opener and I just figured out today my washing machine. Everything that was running off...
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    Diesel trouble

    Hi all I just fixed a problem with my Diesel generator that I have been chasing for some time. Starts and runs fine until loaded with a heavy load then starts surging and losing power. After changing the filters, hoses and cleaning the fuel system then still having the same issue I was about to...
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    the face of the Dims

    This is all you need to know to figure out what is coming down the pike, from here on out everything will be 180 degrees out from normal. Anything traditional will be assaulted and insulted out of existence. Here it comes ready or not.
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    Today the wife wanted to go into town for some things we can't get local. Her check tire light came on the last time she drove her vehicle so I checked the tire pressure and when adding air I discovered the valve stem was cracked and partly broken right where the needle and seat threads are. The...
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    Hi all, now that the mini mini van is done I am going to move on to the COOT. I bought it couple years ago and used it one season on the mountain, the previous owner changed the drive system from the original Salsbury clutch system and transmission with 2 forward and 1 reverse to hydrostatic...