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  1. Pontoon Princess

    1950 tucker sedan

    media blasted, new replacement panels made and ready to fit, new skis, new hoop, new stainless steel gas tank, new rollers, new steering cable
  2. Pontoon Princess

    sno(w) cat serenade, SV2022

    there I got it right, yes, SV2022...
  3. Pontoon Princess

    Sun Valley Serenade 2022

    yes, SV2022...
  4. Pontoon Princess

    Tucker Skiis, fits all 423's and snow cat trailers, sale price $2,500.00 a pair

    we have been busy building new skiis for own needs and found several people asking for them, so, we will be making them available for sale and using the proceeds to help support a Mountain Rescue group, that we really believe in...and have supported for many many years. the sale price is...
  5. Pontoon Princess

    snow cat skiis

    we, we at the Tucker Mafia, have a mountain search and rescue group (501c3) on Mt Hood, that we would like to increase our charitable support of, they have a very long commendable history, saving untold number of lives and the very sad and difficult task of recovering far too many bodies, with...
  6. Pontoon Princess

    happy new year

    it's going to be a better year than 2020, I promise... Happy New Year 2021
  7. Pontoon Princess

    rocket sled

    thinking this could be a version of soap box derby for the winter, going to build the launcher .... anyone else up for a little fun, build a sled and see ya in sun valley, what could possibly go wrong
  8. Pontoon Princess

    Had to get some help from the Big Guy

    yup, I needed help, big time with this project, so, Santa offered his shop and several elfs, Yes, I believe in Santa, and thank god for elfs... and all those good little snow cats will get something for Christmas this year takes 24 hours to do glueing/drying and just at 10...
  9. Pontoon Princess

    Mt Washington Tucker Sno Cat 443

    After several years since Track Addict found and hauled home the Mt Washington Tucker sno-cat, model 443, he and I have made a new deal and this very historically important east coast cat will be restored and will be staying on the East coast, He is the new old owner, Track Addict is going...
  10. Pontoon Princess

    thank you to all that have severed

    in these very challenging times, I find it is even more needed, to thank each and everyone that have served our country, the best country ever to have existed on the face of this blue marble in a vast universe of limitless unknowns, thank you to all that have served, you have given so much of...
  11. Pontoon Princess

    1949 tucker model 423 body shell

    up for your consideration, is a 1949 model 423 body shell, what is pictured is what is available, sold as is, will fit from '49 - '55, 423's, the roof and and side panels are nice, had suicide doors, cool roof rack, build a nice old rat rod snow cat, lawn art, and or ???, sorry I do not have any...
  12. Pontoon Princess

    a real go faster!

    found this on facebook market place, it is out of spirit lake, idaho word is, that it will blow the doors off a tucker... they are asking $20K
  13. Pontoon Princess

    never forget 911

    never forget and be so thankful for those that put their lives on the line everyday, to keep us safe...
  14. Pontoon Princess

    sno(w) cat serenade, march 10-16, 2021

    Yes, Yes, Yes... We are going forward with the Sno(w) cat Serenade, Sun Valley, Idaho, March 10-16, 2021. Come for one day or seven days, there will be a snow cat adventure each day. This longer schedule gives folks a chance to enjoy all that Sun Valley offers, like skiing, ice staking...
  15. Pontoon Princess

    nearly 70 years later

    nearly 70 years later, this 1951 Tucker Model 643 returns from Australia, with a wonderful rich history, after being in transit of almost two months, it was unloaded from a shipping container and placed upon our trailer for the last leg of it's journey home today. in time it will be restore...
  16. Pontoon Princess

    Free Tucker Monday

    first, and most importantly, a big thank you, Mr. Cider Tom Within 4 hours, 28 minutes from when he emailed me, this tucker was being loaded on the trailer, it is serial number 146009, originally built as a 423 and very soon after being sold it was resold to Southern Pacific Railroad and Tucker...
  17. Pontoon Princess

    Brand New Tucker Grousers, high quality T bar design

    yes, yes, yes, better than original in construction and quality brand new grousers for Tucker machines, T-bar design, all will interchange with original grousers with no issues. 400 series, with 3/4 inch roller 400 series, with 1 inch roller 500 series, with 1 inch roller, both designs...
  18. Pontoon Princess

    you've heard that cats have 9 lives, well this is about the cat with 9 stories

    you've heard that cats have nine lives, this is about a cat with nine stories and over the following few weeks the story will be told, grab your favorite beverage and sit down and enjoy the story...
  19. Pontoon Princess

    kitten silent auction...

    how about a little fun and for a good cause, have this fabulous kitten metal sculpture by the same mad creative kid sculpturer, Jake he created the snowcat scuplture for the snow cat serenade 2020 and I might add, it is highly treasured...
  20. Pontoon Princess

    from the department of built a better snow cat

    kinda fun to see how creative people can get...