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    Deer Farm For Sale

    Michigan... beautiful home... plus a bunk house, processing barn, deer.. beautiful views a lot of land.. perfect for anyone wanting to embark upon a new business... let me know!
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    Happy Birthday!

    Saw there were a few birthdays... Hope everyone with a birthday any day, not just today to have a great day.. .... any day that your feet touch the ground in the morning is a good day! :clap:
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    Big Comfy Couch

    Seems like this is a rather slow side to the forums, and might be a great area to set up a chat zone for just kicking back, having a coffee or a drink! Come on over, grab a seat and let's talk about nothing!:whistling:
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    GAME RULES: READ: RULES HAVE BEEN CHANGED! Please Read before posting a word! The object is to form a new word from the last word given. How to play: Rearrange the letters of the existing word to form a new word. (stake to steak) In addition... 1. You can ADD one letter. (stake to steaks) OR...