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  1. Jphoenix

    Stolen Tucker, Bellevue WA Craigslist

    Saw this on Craigslist:
  2. Jphoenix

    Nodwell F15 in WA

    Not mine, looks to be in nice shape. Up in Omak.
  3. Jphoenix

    NAPA 30 wt TO-4 hydraulic fluid?

    Closest fluid I can find for my diff is 5 gals of the NAPA brand TO-4, is this going to work ok in my SV200? Will 5 gals fill the diff housing? Thanks.
  4. Jphoenix

    Bombardier SV200 restoration

    OK, here we go! Got the Skidozer off the trailer today. Bought a winch, welded some angle on the trailer and bolted it up. 13,000 lb winch, should work very well. Got it off down the steep ramps, those will be another project. Cleaned all the debris out of it, I’d already opened up the diff...
  5. Jphoenix

    SV200 windshield seals

    I’m going to remove the glass from my SV200 in order to refinish the cab, are the seals standard items I can buy from someplace? They appear to be the same rubber seal cross section front and rear, would to buy a suitable length of it for all four windows. Any info or leads appreciated.
  6. Jphoenix

    Bombardier 250 on CL

    This one says it’s a 250, has had some work done to it:
  7. Jphoenix

    “Custom” Snow cat on craigslist

    Anyone recognize this make or model? They call it a custom snowcat.