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  1. deand1

    Button fly jeans

    I wore button fly Levi's in the early '60's. Never had them washed. Eventually they got to where they would stand up in the corner by themselves.
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    Mujibar's job interview.

    I had a positive experience yesterday with an offshore call center. I called my satellite TV service and talked to a very smart young lady. She was in the Philippines and spoke English without a noticeable accent. We chatted while my sat box was restarting. She is native to the region and...
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    Mujibar's job interview.

    Like yesterday! I needed help with a newly purchased HP printer. HP chat service with the guy finally went to the telephone. That was a mistake. Not only could I not understand him, he didn't know how to help with setup of a simple HP printer. It went so bad his supervisor came on the line...
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    I'm done with FOX NEWS

    Jeanine Pirro’s Fox News Show Was Not Canceled Despite Rumors She'd Been Fired.
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    New Forums Forums Daily Trivia Contest

    I found it under Home.
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    Is Jim Slagle a Bot? NTX

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    XSummer School

    I am in ID this morning with my lab, Nellie. She is going into training for three months with a highly respected trainer in preparation for the rest of her active years as a retriever. The past year she grew into my best friend and a great addition to my home. I'm kind of sad to be without her...
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    Decoy Trailer/Cargo Trailer Security

    I am working on restoring a 12' X 7' cargo trailer that was neglected when the owner died. I will be storing and hauling new goose decoys and hunting supplies in it during the winter. With the stash of expensive hunting items I am thinking about security. I have a tongue lock but wanted to...
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    An Important Message to Gander Mtn. Customers from Marcus Lemonis, CEO of Camping

    I got the same message from Overton's Boating Supplies. Could this be Chinese cash infusion?
  10. deand1

    Fuel Island Parking

    OK, I'm on a rant. What is it that makes people park in a fuel island and go into the convenience store to pee, browse the cake, and candy isle, buy a slurpy and then pay for a hand full of junk with a credit card, all the while I am parked behind them waiting, just to buy fuel? I only use...
  11. deand1

    BC Canada RV trip

    Looking forward to an RV trip into BC Canada early summer. We will be picking up our lab at the dog trainers in ID the first of June, then on up into Canada for an open ended trip. Any help with suggestions of sites to see in BC would be appreciated. TIA Dean
  12. deand1

    Pets In Car Crashes

    Has this question ever passed through your thoughts while driving? "If I get in a serious car crash, what will happen to my dog if I am taken away in an ambulance? What if she was seriously hurt as well"? Leni?
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    I have a bottle of Courvoisier VSOP Fine Champagne Cognac that one of my sons gave me. I am a whiskey drinker so I need some information about it. Taste, sip straight or mix it, etc TIA
  14. deand1

    My New Best Friend

    I can't replace Brandy, but I can start new with a best friend. She is Nellie, and she has a great blood line for retrieving. Wish me luck with a new pup.
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    Ugly Wall Contest

    Hi all, out walking this morning I though I would share an ugly wall and see if anyone can beat it.
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    Lost My Best Friend Today

    I had to put down my best friend, my Little Girl, Brandy today. She was almost 14 and had given me her very best her whole life. I am 71 and don't think I can train another to be like her. She was a water dog but when in the field she made me proud. One time when she was still a pup, I had...
  17. deand1

    Call Blocking Apps for iPhone

    I have been getting marketing calls on my iPhone the past few weeks. I never had that problem until lately. The latest marketer uses a local phone number so I think this is a person I should know. I keep blocking the number on my phone but I would like to just see that they are a marketer and...
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    How Ignition Systems Work (how to make a tazer)

    Good demo of an ignition system. Then he adds some optional equipment.
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    What Does Multimedia CD Mean?

    I am looking at a CD with Truck Service Manuals on it. This is on The sellers information doesn't say what computer system it will work on. Under the heading "Formats and Editions" section it only says Multimedia CD. Does this mean it doesn't need a specific operating system i.e...
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    Testosterone Support (for men)

    Any of you senior men using a testosterone booster? I use Testosterone Support For Men that is an over the counter supplement. It seems to keep me in line with the rest of the world around me (my wife). When I don't take it I get edgy and distant. I ran out a while ago and let time pass...